I Just Started A While Back And Just Gave Up Because I Didnt Get It!:P Mostly All Running Man,Kicks,Spins!Any Tips?;D.

First video please no hate comments, Thank you so much: Jimbo 3l3m3nt Zapitor Era Tilez P.K B.P Destiny Comment, Subscribe, Favorite please 😀 Thank.
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21 Responses to “Beginner:Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. Pretty good. Practice on doing more shuffle. Then work in some hand
    movements. Also, stop looking at your feet. It doesn’t look that good and
    it screws up your balance.

  2. incomingcmin says:

    are you asian? that looks like an asian backyard o.o

  3. biohackerRR says:


  4. Kieren Masters says:

    Hey your pretty good for a beginner. I am too:) /watch?v=qjI_6bijjKc Check
    out that one. (It’s me)

  5. robert Jordan says:

    Sick you should make more videos man

  6. SilverWhite93 says:

    Nice one keep it up ; ) 5*

  7. robert Jordan says:

    haha what song is this

  8. nice job but you rely on the running man too much, do the shuffle.. the
    Actual SHUFFLE too.. and make the most of your space. you can check my
    vid’s and see what i mean. that and find a different pair of shoes, skating
    shoes make it harder. /watch?v=jrV0ZK_OsNE

  9. how long have you been shuffling? 1week? aha heey better than i was at 1
    week:p keep practicing man you’ll get the hang of it and have fun with it
    just get the speed faster with the running man:D

  10. thank you love you too(:

  11. ahhaha thank you!! 😀 thanks for all the help! i couldnt have done it
    without everyone! thank to all who with us!

  12. ahah thank you soo much! nice to know other people watch this vid

  13. Jessy Nguyen says:

    dang!!!! watchout!!! ur going to be sooo proo triiggerz!! dang keep it up
    man!!!! and dont wrry ull be very goood!!

  14. ahahah i know thanks and i will keep it up!

  15. Jimmy Duong says:

    wow. so much better than the last time i saw u 😮 keep up that 2 stepping
    its getting there. and soon you’ll be following the bass 😛 WOOOT

  16. Willis Nguyen says:

    eeeeeee that was sooo much better then the last time. keep it up
    man!!!!!!XD can’t w8 to see how much u improve in the next few weeks!!XD

  17. aahah thank you! xD

  18. Cameron Gallo says:

    Nice mannnn ;D 5/5 keep it going, you’re going to be great!

  19. Johanna Prado says:

    It’s getting better 😀 Keep it up 🙂 i love u xDDDD

  20. princesskeothanh says:

    haha timmy!

  21. Luke Clugston says:

    Nice one man keep it up 🙂