The sixth part of shuffle and hardstyle songs. Some songs are old but still nice! Hope you enjoy! Comment and rate! Songs in order: 1. Blademasterz - Master Blade 2. Sol Ray & Dark By Design - Future 3. Carnifex - Fireflash 4. HXT - My style 5. Hardstyle Maffia - X Marks the spot 6. Dark-E - Gods and Symbols (Noisecontrollers Remix) 7. Frontliner - Spacer 8. Builder - My life is just a demo (Dub Mix) 9. Trance Generators - Prepare to die 10. Brennan Heart ft. Shanokee - Home (Blademasterz Remix) If you want to have some more good hardstyle, check my channel!!
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14 Responses to “Best Hardstyle and Shuffle songs part 6”

  1. @Ac3xJuMpeR haha hardstyle california!!!!! from perris

  2. Ac3xJuMpeR says:

    this is fucking Hardstyle!!!!!!! And I luv IT YEAH!!!!! Hardstyle 4 EVER From South Central,California!<33333 Im a Hardstyle Loco!!!!!!!! This is what made me this is what I feel the hardstyle in my blood thAT MEKES ME INSANE!!!!!!

  3. welshardstyler says:

    defo feelin dis

  4. Hydroblitzer says:

    Frontliner <3

  5. eminemrocksyo says:

    love it great work

  6. bucklenuckle11 says:

    reminds me of old times very nice man 5/5

  7. fucking love it keep the good shit up <3

  8. HeltenManfred says:

    Dude, your vids are just awesome, keep it up

  9. EstonianMagic says:

    Number 3 is Carnifex – Fireflash (tehno mix)

  10. why dont you just youtube it and download the song using a YouTube downloader?

  11. superglenn4 says:

    song 3 rapes 😀

  12. srry man, I got it from limewire

  13. 3756Panthers says:

    have u got link for song number 3.

    i want it so bad

  14. very good man
    keep it up