Best Hardstyle Shuffle Music Compilation 2011

Best Shuffle Music Compilation songs titles are in the video at the start of each new song.

20 Responses to “Best Hardstyle Shuffle Music Compilation 2011”

  1. NiiNjaEDIT says:

    u mean the dick hard???? lol

  2. NiiNjaEDIT says:

    Who else was just staring at the girl rather than the music?

  3. TrickeyCSS says:

    The good in this video is:
    1. Music
    2. Boobz
    3. p0rn

  4. TrickeyCSS says:

    Nice music and picture’s. 🙂

  5. yoelreydelmundo says:

    7:16 mi favorite part!!!! :D!! :3 hahahahaha

  6. yoelreydelmundo says:

    O.O !!! :O!!

  7. lalamanen96 says:

    B(.Y.) BIS

  8. POKEM0NP0WER says:

    Loved it but the second song was crap! Sorry man I liked everything else (^_^)

  9. HardMulti says:

    nice compilation keep it hard bro..!

  10. AnythingButHuman says:

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  11. shuffleVEVO says:

    i hate it… im gay

  12. TheOkinawanShuffler says:

    you forgot list for the girls o.o as well

  13. R0NYAce says:

    neat mix man!

  14. ahhhhh, the blonde hair, the gold skin and the boobs:) what else am i missing? oh ya! the fucking song!:) LOVE THE COMBO!

  15. zKillMovesz says:

    Cool. Subbed. Faved :))

  16. jfoster2k8 says:

    nope not that i know of

  17. DjCooneProjects says:

    final is matrix remix? 🙂

  18. Trevyno101 says:

    True that my brotha

  19. jfoster2k8 says:

    music and girls makes everything better 🙂

  20. Trevyno101 says:

    lol the picture made it all better. nice