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25 Responses to “Best of Hardstyle November 2010 Mix on Going Quantum”

  1. grisse48 says:




    Listen to this if you love electro or dubstep

  2. Flem Mowings says:

    That’s pretty ignorant of you to say because I am American and I understand perfectly how to download stuff. So, stop with the stereotypes. Stereotypes are stupid with no proven facts and they make yourself look more stupid than you truely are.

  3. Dancinnelf says:

    +1 for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R pic

  4. StitchesAndSmiles11 says:

    wheres the download for this one?

  5. rayne7echo says:

    i only tell people who are asking for a download link…

  6. ReToRoUs says:

    Maybe its because Americans actually want to support their favorite artists?

  7. Tigerbeetweenie says:

    Haha.. ha… cute. Seriously though, please try not to pick on Americans on an American website run by an American company.

  8. portugaltheman6 says:

    i prefer to support my favorite artists 😀

  9. Niklasdiver123 says:

    The Picture is from a game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Check it out, they got some amazing looking concept arts.

  10. hazuninga says:

    legend comment

  11. AlexLucianPOP says:

    fucking good song 0_0 i love it,evry time i watch this video,my ears have an orgasm xD.btw the image is from stalker 2?

  12. DaD3athShaman says:

    You sir, deserve a sub!

  13. skin09588 says:

    I said come in, don’t stand there.

  14. susansebas says:


  15. OoDIZoO says:

    anyone know where i can get the background picture?

  16. Analabortions says:

    get out of here Stalker.

  17. stewie711 says:

    That’s not a fair stereotype. I know how to export audio from videos and I’m American ):

  18. ralta12345678 says:

    I want this pic ;-;

  19. KARHUUUUUUU says:

    haha fag

  20. MrFireMotif says:

    O_O so that scream thing freaked me the fuck out xD

  21. Back292 says:

    I agree with you even when I’m not American.

  22. Uhm, no. You’re being a stereotypical douche bag. I’m American, okay? And if you don’t know about the Youtube Downloader, you’re an idiot. Even though that thing is a piece of shit and you end up with shitty quality. But I’ll go ahead and keep what I use to get music from Youtube to myself. Fucking tired of morons thinking just because some dumbass said something stupid on a comment and is American doesn’t mean all Americans are stupid. How fucking ignorant can you be?

  23. lucasvbishop says:

    @NigWANTsomeDAnT challenge accepted

    Not really

  24. lucasvbishop says:

    Yeahnahsweet when your six feet under burning in hell and you have someone like you pissing on your own grave Just cry a little bit

  25. yeahnahsweet says:

    when you’re rotting six feet under try and tell me god is real. I’ll be laughing as I piss on your grave