First Malaysia Melbourne Shuffle Compilation. I hope you enjoy Part 1 Please Comment, Rate & Subscribe Shuffler: biel lexus pedrin donz ryu pacheco alwin shuyin lafa speedodevo
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Best of Malaysian Shuffle – Compilation 2009”

  1. BlaZerFromAus says:


  2. lilmanbhb says:

    @RushMAShuffler00 stopspamming&smd/watch?v=thumbs up whores

  3. franz3223 says:

    @markxb12 1st of all 6 people now and they have an own opinion and they aren´t worse cause of that nice vid

  4. RushMAShuffler00 says:

    watch&like: /watch?v=UkITIF8LQeg

  5. sunparkel says:

    am really wondering about the great song in pacheco’s part!!!
    -does anyone know what song is in pacheco’s part?
    –does anyone have the entire song list?=)
    keep in contact!^

  6. sunparkel says:

    am really wondering about the great song in the part of “pacheco”!!!
    -does anyone know what song it is?
    keep in contact!^

  7. Song List?

  8. LBCDaniel says:

    i think this style is way better

  9. Sickkkk ;D
    mad style

  10. uniqueis69 says:

    foos r sick nice music fits perfectly

  11. wat the first song called??

  12. Picolo2088 says:


  13. 3 people are crazy for not thumbs up this vid!

  14. ibanezcrow says:

    Biel was the quickest and smoothest

  15. song list please 🙁

  16. sound track?!

  17. LacyKittySquad says:

    youtube com/watch?v=iUdZGkfMnyo
    Best shuffle video i have ever seen!!!

  18. xxxngforcexxx says:

    song list please 😉

  19. DarkjoniShuyin says:

    @OverloadShuffle just watch other shufflers and try to do it like them.. you’ll get a feeling for it… don’t give up, the slides are the most difficult moves i think ..

  20. yeaaaa

    IW | Infected World | Eternal

    From Argentina

  21. OverloadShuffle says:

    i don’t understand how to do the malaysian shuffle slide, can someone help me?


    @MrDarkfire555 the steps, malaysian is more of an x formation ,if done right, looks better imo*

  23. MrDarkfire555 says:

    What is the difference between malaysian and melbourne? ^^


    bonz has the cleanest style

  25. looks shiet!