Please Rate And Comment! Sorry I dont have the name for its a dream remix (song 3) my friend gave it to me and I dont know what remix it is, if I find out what kind of remix it is I'll post it in the description. Songlist: 1.)Dark Oscillators - Superstar DJ 2.)Dj Dean - It's A Dream (Tunnel Club Mix) 3.)??? If found I'll post it in the description 4.)Blademasters - Oneblade 5.)Dark By Design - Lost In The Dark 6.)Erik Vee - Far Away (Vocoder Dub Mix) Megara vs DJ Lee - Musical Society (Club Mix) 7.)Trance Generators - Do U Wanna Balloon (Original Mix) 8.)Headhunterz - Forever As One 9.)DJ Guis - V Like Venusian (Bass Ball Mix) 10.)Punkbusters 7th - What

Shuffle takin over the world! Want to dance like this? Free tutorial at

15 Responses to “Best Shuffle Songs Part 3”

  1. Sharingan645 says:

    Really nice! =)

  2. Skogsmumriken says:

    Continue with the vids! 😀

  3. @kiraush +1

  4. Some people are really bad at Shuffling o.o

  5. ibanezcrow says:


  6. Redlemon17 says:

    @jumpjumpjumpfra Wrong, it’s Food For Woofers by Dark Osciallators.

  7. daawis16 says:

    I think that’s Ajam the gambler from HR

  8. jumpjumpjumpfra says:

    dj paradise-hard dream 😉

  9. wats the last song called? i tried to search drop the base but it showed techno songs only

  10. HsFDowneyBJ says:

    what are all of the songs called

  11. feezeelol says:

    Im proud to malaysian

  12. can someone tell me who is the guyz at 7:31


  13. jellyguy96 says:

    That’s speedodevo? Dang he was good back in the day then lol. Do you know which session that was from?

  14. rudyf2387 says:

    wow dude on 7:55 – 8:08 that was the best performance i ever seen by speedodevo i like his old style more!!!!

  15. nice