This is my old style 🙂 been practising it 😛 This is my HSA/Rocky style, his my idol ^^ Thanks for 250 subs s222 Comment rate subscribe 🙂 -BH | Boky

25 Responses to “BH | Boky – I like old Style. (Melbourne Shuffle)”

  1. awesome! 🙂
    Check out my video ! 🙂
    Song name ?

  2. The best style ^^

  3. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @SIGNbmx Sure thankss 😀

  4. Damn Your “cool”Awesome clip,If don’t mind I put ya as Favorie & on seydel

  5. Liked, bro!

    Zorn, is a HSQ

  6. GShuffleTournament says:

    Go to this video to see what you have to do:

  7. LarKasLTUHarDDancers says:

    BH | LarK

  8. SekaShuffle says:

    @MrTecktonikboky bo haha XD neki vid slozit…ti,zoky,grga,ona ostala ekipa i ja :) ak ti bude tapia 🙂 hehe 🙂

  9. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @SekaShuffle kakav compilation xd?

  10. SekaShuffle says:

    AWSOME *__* we need to make some compilation? 😀

  11. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @NHShaynne well i like this one style, old school. its not a problem, i got the new style and this one ^^.
    thanks man. subbed ya 🙂

  12. not bad bro but it could do with alot of work, steps look stiff, but then again it happens when you go back to old styles 😛 i had he same problem, nice rock bro

  13. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @IJSChloe Thanks hehe 🙂

  14. AWK! I live your old style! n_n
    Nomnom. Look at u:’)
    Osh.. Nice edit!:D


  15. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @KissHardstyle Well i used this style on BH tryout second clip, i got only 2 styles this and the oen in BH tryout. soon will be my “the heavens prophecy” video, and there i used both styles. 🙂

  16. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @TriggerTecktonik1 Thankss man :))

  17. KissHardstyle says:

    your BH tryout is your best video…. others styles are not so good =x

  18. TriggerTecktonik1 says:

    wow, out of all the shuffling videos ive watching in the past 4 years, this is one of the better ones, u usually have something bad to say about them but this one i cant find anything. Keep up the good work! stick to this style. A+

  19. WhatTheHeck430 says:

    cool bro… :D

  20. hell yeah bro:)))) keep it !!! awesome body rocking!!!

  21. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @RenXiS47 Thanks RenXiS :DD

  22. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @pelllloooo66 Thanks bro :D

  23. hsizokypoki says:

    Awesome bro <3
    Little Rocky :D

    HSI | Zoky

  24. Nice old style! Liking the “Rocky handmovement” 🙂
    The music is a bit harder then the shuffling tho 😛
    Keep up the good work!
    *Thumbs up*
    & peace out!

  25. pelllloooo66 says:

    i want a PHD hoodie 😀

    nice old style btw
    greeTz JuLeZz [GER]