Bass Lunatix open shuffle meetup It was a fun day but alot of moving at the start because of the rangers.... they wouldnt leave us alone!! I think part 1 has more footage of moving than shuffling :p lol look out for pt 2
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25 Responses to “BL Shuffle meetup 8.6.09 PT 1”

  1. jonnyhardstyle100 says:

    what it’s called the last musik???

  2. TheAlif46 says:

    what do u mean by rangers?sry im a singaporean so i dont know wat is rangers for sydney there…..

  3. maltaman1997 says:

    wats the name of the 1st song

  4. @spikeyfreakk noisecontrollers – interview

  5. @KingMicky911 Davide Sonar – dedication

  6. spikeyfreakk says:

    Name of first song?

  7. KingMicky911 says:

    Song At 5:43 plzzzzzzzzz im begging you i know its old but i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 808angell says:

    wow that must have been really fun! great video πŸ™‚

  9. bradSEXYMUCH says:

    a-lusion u fucking rule
    same with timpz and watermelnz

  10. xXxXxXSsHuTTeRXxXxXx says:

    what is the second song called?

  11. beewizie says:

    whats the song @ 3:45

  12. jaydee00lana says:

    song list please
    mad vids

  13. Stylez1001 says:

    Its Danny from T.H.P

  14. brancOKuz says:

    Dedication – Davide Sonar

  15. 20BETTO20 says:

    whos the guy at 00:38 with the blue transformers

    BassRockerz//Lil Bee

  16. MunkayBidne says:

    LOL @ the guys doing the Macarena for some reason at the end of the vid.

  17. alexisjade8 says:

    whos the guy in the grey singlet/white shorts at 6:10?

  18. paintballrx7 says:

    Damn Good qual man:- DD

  19. EmgShuffle says:

    May I Have the name of the song that starts at 3:44 or Songlist please?

  20. gundi1268 says:

    ahass πŸ˜€

  21. MickStuntman says:

    LOL yea i was like lol the 3 guys in the white spinned at the same time and then i realiesed the girl in front and the guy with the shorts spinning at that time in the line i was like WTF? freaky shit man lol.

  22. gundi1268 says:

    rofll we all look like zombies when we walk

  23. gundi1268 says:

    wooo theres me πŸ˜€

    lols in the sync spinned πŸ˜€

  24. SayWhatKent says:

    What a Jewish! hehehehehehe

  25. BabyBurnJaycee says:

    its called the malaysian effect shuffle
    one step