this is a remix Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO: buy it today, or watch it here! this is my very poor attempt at shuffling, as requested, but having fun with it. I was also practicing with a new filming technique using a tripod and am quite pleased with the results. 🙂

25 Responses to “Boogie, AKA Francis, Shuffling IRL”

  1. MrKobra56 says:

    As a European myself, your English is pretty good. Boogie for President 🙂

  2. guytheycalljohn says:

    If you where in the actuall official music video it would get so much more views.

    P.S. You’re my hero.

    2nd P.S. Sorry for my bad English, i’m European.

  3. drumma13oy says:

    Boogie………………….you are EPIC

  4. TheDnb1994 says:

    he may be large but hes more awsome than you

  5. yoshi707584 says:

    Hey I jus sub to u n I have seen dat people make fun of I size but dont let da get to u ur a great person dat I can c on ur video n ur do funny if I had da chance I would love to meet u n get to knw more about u n play sum game together cuz im a big gamer my self ive bein play magic since like 1996 n I love dat game n dis video is great

  6. MegaShayan99 says:

    hahahahah nice lightsaber …..
    damn iam at the wrong place

  7. RedNeckCommonPotater says:

    Make an extended version Boogie!!!

  8. tummi445 says:

    U r awesome lol

  9. bmanbueller says:

    I wish I could dance as good as francis. 🙁

  10. Wailmug says:


  11. SBones2 says:

    this guy looks just like my friend (except heavier) so me n people think its f’in hilarious

  12. MultiSh4rk says:

    Lightsaber suflling 😀

  13. StijnLWD says:

    he is just doing his thing 😀

  14. dropem555 says:

    why are u always drinking the off brand mountain dew

  15. DJlegend96 says:

    Francis whats your twitter account i am a fan !

  16. jayblaze12 says:

    What’s FNM?

  17. Bergundy14 says:

    Thats one way to lose weight.

  18. MrTanner2233 says:

    loser u cant dance

  19. PIVOTX64 says:

    Thumbs up if you laughed in the first 14 seconds

  20. Wwefan41896 says:

    He has the same name as one of the best real hardy style shufflers.Oh the irony…

  21. nextcoolman123 says:

    dude that was awesome

  22. ahydro328 says:

    wow getting your excersize for one day

  23. MrTrain125 says:

    0:57  who could that be lol

  24. kimball621 says:

    He should have done I’m Sexy and I know it. Then he could have done the wiggle wiggle part haha.

  25. beattieChild1 says:

    0:11 I want that pack man tent