Me &&Diamonddd Shufflingg @ lunchhh
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25 Responses to “Boots & Kaotic Shuffling”

  1. 702biker says:

    the girl in the black she fine and she can shuffling

  2. artyfarty26 says:

    dammm gurl hmu on myspace im a dj ,,, add me ok and my videos on youtube are old

  3. caligirl996 says:

    nice ! ha i freakinn love the song(: go headhunterz(:

  4. ScubzMcTalBowling says:

    yea europe is awesome. they start all the cool shit. usa sucks lol……the only thing that came out of the united states is shitty pop music.

  5. lizzobitch says:

    this is NOT a california-made dance, shuffling has been around for YEARS all around the world…. and it became the cool thing here like last year.. we’re a little late on this one!

  6. alexalejandre15 says:

    haha it looks like the people dont even notice them 😛

  7. SignatureSlowBlow says:

    dayummm, those white pants

  8. MegaShorty1998 says:

    How do u shuffle?

  9. kclovee30 says:

    Is this Curtis middle school?

  10. Cookie3401 says:

    shit u guyz r cute (:

  11. KaoticBaby26 says:

    @culoattack pointless ass comment ; but i hope you feel better about yourself now 😉

  12. culoattack says:

    my 3 year ols dougther shuffles way better jajaja]

  13. WoogieSparks says:

    @shufflemania123 Thats why I said it was adpoted. I never said SoCali’s were the best. (+ I’ve never seen an auatrailian do it so I really have no opinion xD )

  14. YOshananYO says:

    THEY SUCK~!!!!!!!!!

  15. shufflemania123 says:

    @WoogieSparks It’s always been popular… world wide and the only reason why its been adopted is because its old every where except America lol 2006-2008 was at its peak you watch americans will claim the dance as there own… but regardless best people that shuffle are from aus/malaysia

    Greetings from Aus ps americans suck at shuffle stick to ur bboy and your monkey dance “krump” this convo is over

  16. WoogieSparks says:

    @shufflemania123 But it was adopted by California. Dumbass. It grew popular, hat dosn’t mean it was invented there. (Well Southern Cali)

  17. makemeglow619 says:

    @rockstarnumber12 let the bass kick- dj chucky

  18. malik932008 says:

    @rockstarnumber12 lmfao – let the bass kick or somthing like this

  19. maria8264 says:

    the girl with skinny jeans that have white she shuffle good 😀

  20. xSNiiPERFREAKK says:

    i liked the style the one with white skinny jeans clean ass dance n

  21. shufflemania123 says:

    @deadsoul43fly Its the Melbourne Shuffle fuck tard and its world wide…Its a Australian Dance and no its not mostly danced in cali its Aus/Malaysia

  22. DOMO7172 says:

    Look at my video..

  23. LindseeyGirl says:

    Damnn Youu Guyss Shufflee Thaat Badass&&No Onee Gatherrs ARoundd You Guys?!?!?! Insanee

  24. VicenteThe69 says:

    lame. . . .

  25. rockstarnumber12 says:

    dammm what is this song called ……..