Well...this is my first compilation video...hope it goes well.... I was listening to this song in my car when i had the idea for this video..... it was inda hard tying to get girl shuffle videos and for them to have a profile...but did it! HOPE YOU ENJOI IT! Song: LDMF (wildstylez remix) Boys: EBANKSSS mirrors remkye melbshuffnub xHSFxCecil ME! WingZero616 Girls: Bigbieze46 justgirl16 McTash123 moneKris OBEYxSLIM If this goes well....i plan to make another.... Oh and please tell people who are in this video that they are in it....thanks...


  1. CykoMelody says:

    @FernRoxx1 who?

  2. FernRoxx1 says:

    why are yu wearing jamas?

  3. 1:22 … WTF were that things on her foot???? the hell girl….

  4. MrCornhulio131 says:

    One more question man. I’m kinda new 2 the whole shuffle thing and I cant seem to do the running man. Does it matter how I do it or is it watever is comfortable to me?

  5. CykoMelody says:

    @MrCornhulio131 i use skate shoes. When your buying shoes, feel the bottom and imagine if there will be a lot of friction when you shuffle. Shoes take about a month or two to fully break in and wear away till their shuffable.

  6. MrCornhulio131 says:

    what kind of shoes do u guys use. iv been using my nikes but they squek alot when i shuffle…Help?

  7. ryusenka says:

    who’s the second guy at 0:33 with the hoodie? he’s really cute πŸ˜€

  8. killersolo5 says:

    did u use to get ur songs from the showtek podcast??? All the songs in ur vids are in em.. good muzic

  9. MrShuffler98 says:


  10. The9mmAK47 says:

    lol the girls don’t want to take bigger steps :<

  11. sparkman787 says:

    boys – harder

    girls -ο»Ώ hotter
    artyom63 lol i agree XD

  12. spinner213j says:

    ummmm ? there both good but i think the grils won this one ahahahh ! ! ! ! πŸ™‚ keep up the good work people )

  13. diamondiscoolandalex says:

    girls suck boys are better at shuffling in this vid

  14. McScreamo says:

    @awsome671 you thumbed down my comment you bitch. go suck your own dick.

  15. elijah6371 says:

    the first guy was the best

  16. elijah6371 says:

    Boys totally won girls sucked exept for the last girl

  17. awsome671 says:


  18. McScreamo says:

    @awsome671 you too little bitch; control your PMS

  19. McScreamo says:

    @2HaNNyBuNNy3 calm your vagina down faggot

  20. awsome671 says:

    @McScreamo SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! your so fuckinng stupid ! you just can’t shuffle and your jealous so shut the fuck up BITCH!!!!

  21. 2HaNNyBuNNy3 says:

    @McScreamo hej, are you stupid? youre just jealous cause you cant shuffle and you’ll never get a good job, so next time better think before you say shit like that. girls can shuffle! thats just a bad choice (not all)

  22. Rangakid2 says:

    I say girls coz they mainly use the running man which means they respect the basics but the guys tried to flare it out too much with an over use of tricks
    That’s my opinion anyway
    {HLSK} Ginger Ninja

  23. McScreamo says:

    those girls don’t know how to shuffle because they have been in the kitchen their whole life; which is good.

  24. DriftingInsomnia says:

    It kind of is lame to compare girls and boys. Boys will always have that “hardstreak” while girls are more… I guess “fragile”. I have seen much better girl shufflers than this though.

  25. asmooth305 says:

    Hey man can I be in your next video