My second shuffle video! Worked reallyreally hard on the editing for this one! It was shot with the Canon EOS t2i and edited with final cut pro, final cut pro x, magic bullet looks, adobe after effects cs5, and twixtor pro. I LOVE SHUFFLINGGG! 😀 comment subscribe & enjoy 🙂 Shoutout to my crew TNG 🙂

25 Responses to “Breathe – A Shuffling Short Film By Mightysoph”

  1. DjGhost209 says:

    omgg soo too fuckin cleann! :oo
    – KayDubb

  2. WDKofficial says:

    Damn… wow o.o 

  3. 10pinkbarbie says:

    The beach part is TOO FUCKING AMAZING 🙂

  4. Wetfiend says:

    Ok….first, you’re sexy as hell. Second, you’ve got some nice moves! 🙂 Third, great editing job. Nice and in time with the music. You’ve got move and editing skillz.  Keep it up! 🙂

  5. emilep2able says:

    This is soo good !!!

  6. <3 the shoes!

  7. PerryChen100 says:

    Great song too!

  8. OverDoseKids says:

    I love your editing and filming! 😀
    – {ODK} Shogun

  9. kid swagg says:

    What kind of camera or video recorder do you use to film ?

  10. sandls14 says:

    she does the one step on shuffling?

  11. was this recorded in sd ?

  12. Lynnshuffle says:

    I love it !

  13. Lynnshuffle says:

    Too dope 3

  14. BIGGSHOCKEER says:

    Danqq you is too good and you chill with Krystaalized huh.? ;P love your style at shuffling and your clothes

  15. spritejp says:

    now I’m missing hedkandi

  16. emilep2able says:

    song name ???

  17. TheeBritTony says:

    i LOVE Obey clothing!

  18. rileoutmusic says:

    Everyday im Shufflin.

  19. BeTtErDAnCe132 says:

    Mighty Soph the bombest

  20. CALLINOUT1 says:

    OMqq! You shuffle good:) and love your outfits a lot -333 niece video

  21. hotchica34 says:

    Music sucks

  22. KrigarAbbe says:

    Very nice editing, and your CLOTHING damn! I envy you, tho you need to work on your dancing! 🙂 It’s an old video now tho. Just letting you know 🙂

    If you know a website with supreme/obey clothing, please let me know (that ships international)

  23. THE5ILLUSIONZ says:

    Just perfectly put together. I love editing
    , this is I got to say the best shuffling vid I’ve seen well put together.

  24. cirombi6 says:

    Daaamn .
    This Video Is Just Perfect :’D

  25. iChimmyy says:

    Wow, what camera do you use? It’s so clear.