for more. Showcasing Brenton from Newcastle Rockers.

25 Responses to “Brenton – Melbourne Shuffle showcase”

  1. Fucking love it <3

  2. vamdelete says:

    Nice skill

  3. Ratvoodoo says:

    @danieldediazferencik Melb’ Rockerz Style guy 🙂

  4. CDayWalkerC says:



  5. itsYAboyGoose says:

    @ewahl91.. compared to him you suck, so who gives a fuck what people call it!

  6. danieldediazferencik says:

    Brenton´s style is best that I ever seen… 🙂

  7. CarlosEfrain789 says:

    I think you are mixing melbourne with hardstyle… LOVE IT!!!

  8. carloszuk says:

    Awesome ;D

  9. kimobychoice says:


  10. I like ur style , u are the best aus shuffler to me ^^

  11. CykoMelody says:

    @pskfry yeeeeesssssss

  12. @CykoMelody SO TOUGH CYKO. hahha

  13. shfflvizer says:

    imposssssssssssssibleeeeee slides :|

  14. travisc2894 says:

    All in all, nice!

  15. CykoMelody says:

    meh… was kinda expecting more

  16. funnyfunkinmonkey says:

    @harleyabe oh true.

  17. harleyabe says:

    He does the T-Step in reverse

  18. funnyfunkinmonkey says:

    @lukeilusion lol WHAT REVERSE SHUFFLE? xD

  19. HardstepTijuana says:

    i love your style and the scenario looks so great

  20. melbshuffler525 says:

    i consider myself an advanced shuffler. been doing it a year now. but woah! you just take it to a new level. this is my favorite shuffling video. well done brenton!

  21. Song? :O

  22. FAYTification says:

    hey check out my crews dance videos we have some of the best shuffling southern california has to offer let me know what you think my fellow shufflers ill return the feed back 🙂

  23. FAYTification says:

    hey everyone check out me and my crews shuffle videos CFH (created for hardstyle) you won’t be dissapointed we have some of the best shuffling around! 🙂

  24. shufflersBR says:

    what the song name?

  25. shufflersBR says:

    what’s the Song name?