After xmas kandy 06 ^.^, Dirt Devils - The Drill (Evacuation Remix) Just to clear up a few things... My name's jess.. i liv in melbourne.. AND IM NOT 12! lol im turnin 23 in november dis year.. im jus little.. And those dat keeps sayin i shud dance harder.. well.. i like dancing to harder music, but i dun like dancing hardstlye so yea.. I've actualli stopped raving since 07 hence no new vids... but i'll b goina fmf in march so... c how we go then ^.^
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Bubblez Melbourne Shuffle/Run”

  1. alexmishchuk says:

    i’d hit

  2. myusernameisjuan says:

    This video is awkward.

  3. Tweaker8800 says:

    cute girl

    love the phatts and hoodie

  4. bubbles9630 says:

    Very nice, i WANT your pants T_T

  5. you need more room girl. you get down!

  6. the777brian says:

    not bad shuffling but i think you would look more cool without the orange symbol on the hoodie

  7. AkaStoptheKill says:

    Bad Ass XD

  8. TheSecondOne says:

    very nice. I Couldn’t imagine how much harder it must be on carpet, with barefeet. Good Job though

  9. wonder where is this girl from? and I like that hat

  10. culoattack says:

    i like ur sweaather where did u get it

  11. technostrand1 says:

    you are hot and you have a good ass

  12. matthewung says:

    still gurning i see…

  13. shitheadxb says:

    nice ass, not that good shuffle :p

  14. ???????????????????????????????”

  15. adambird14 says:

    ur shit and ur a chink pmsl :L

  16. BENNY93100 says:

    wow pretty good shuffling 🙂 nice phatts yeww look good in them(;

  17. @draculaS2k nice ass? you like chicken wings?

  18. gitmajonez123 says:

    beauty woman ;D

  19. eenerttivac says:

    them pants go hard

  20. Bernardo1554 says:

    You are so cute with your long hair n.n, and good moves!

  21. culoattack says:

    i like ur sweater its nice

  22. bourriquetbn says:

    i love *-*

  23. asianboiforever says:

    super pro. awsome

  24. wonkywaterpipe123 says:

    i just ejaculated

  25. wonkywaterpipe123 says:

    hahahaha epic