California - Melbourne Shuffle 2010 Part 2

Facebook California Shuffle Groups =========================== California Melbourne Shuffle Facebook Group: Orange County Shufflers: ========================== California May 2010 Shuffle Compilation - California June 2010 Shuffle Compilation - ============================ About Melbourne Shuffle: The Melbourne shuffle is a rave and club dance that originated in the late 1980s in the underground rave music scene in Melbourne, Australia. The basic movements in the dance are a fast heel-and-toe action with a style suitable for various types of electronic music. Some variants incorporate arm movements ========================== CA Melbourne Shuffle 2010 Part 1 ========================== 1. Mazzi - - Joop - The Future (Simon Dilosa Remix) 2. Astro - - Joop - The Future (Simon Dilosa Remix) 3. Juiceboxx - - Schwarzende - Bow Wow (Brain Ovulation rmx) 4. Infinite - - Schwarzende - Bow Wow (Brain Ovulation rmx) 5. Fear - - Steve Hill vs Technikal - HTML (BRK3 Remix) 6. Kit - - Steve Hill vs Technikal - HTML (BRK3 Remix) 7. Tune - - Kidd Kaos - Universal Tranzmission V2 8. Chief Cloud - - Kidd Kaos - Universal Tranzmission V2 9. Sushi - - The KGB's - Channel KGB's (Original mix) 10. Slim - - The KGB's - Channel KGB's (Original mix) 11. Bianca - ...
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25 Responses to “California – Melbourne Shuffle 2010 Part 2”

  1. AnythingButHuman says:

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    Thanks 🙂

  2. whats the tune to this

  3. <3


  4. Suae – Secrets (Original mix)

  5. song at 8:00?

  6. @Xx3lRaMoNxX rofls melbourne slower??? ur joking right…

  7. @coxy8891 Its in the video description, find it.

  8. @Xx3lRaMoNxX you sir have no idea what yer talking about.

  9. what are all the songs in this??
    i want them

  10. what are all the songs in this??

  11. jjjjorman says:

    which one of these doooods are from bakersfield cali ? gotta get a hardstyle sesh goin !

  12. xXOutster06xX says:

    Where in California are you from

  13. @Xx3lRaMoNxX what are you talking about? Melbourne and Malaysian shuffle to the same speed. I have no idea where you got that “facts” from. The slow style you’re referring to is oldskool style, which danced to acid trance and acid house and etc.

  14. Xx3lRaMoNxX says:

    @GhostsMayCry….Melbourne Is Slowerr nd Has More Moves Because Of The Speed,The Kind Of Music For This Is Like Dirty Dutch Or Electro House…….while Malaisyan Is fast nd Its Danced 2 HardStylee…

  15. GhostsMayCry says:

    Every Shuffle genre was supposed to be Melbourne Shuffle… there is no such thing as Malaysian Shuffle. Malaysians shuffle Melbourne. Not much difference. Both shuffle to same speed. And the steps are similar.But SoCal Malaysian should be renamed to just SoCal Shuffle.. they shuffle to one of the slowest EDM genre there is.. idk why.. is Hardstyle or Hardhouse too fast for you wankers?

  16. @106437 Dj Yoshiro – Resistence is Futile

  17. whats the name of the song that starts at 2:42

  18. ricardo420247 says:

    @TheNoobkiller56 its MAS style

  19. JackJack2k says:

    @gamevider1 and you also have runescape videos lmao

  20. TheNoobkiller56 says:

    good shuffling. looks a little bit like they are one stepping more than melbourne half the time

  21. TerrierBr says:

    Shuffle vai volta pra arrembenta no Brasil

  22. @MasterBlade360 In2ition - Pure As Gold

  23. @gamevider1 Ages mean nothing. 🙂

  24. gamevider1 says:

    i shuffle and im 12 =) im good

  25. MasterBlade360 says:

    song at 4:17??? sounds killer