Melbourne Shuffle @ the City (Sydney) by Josh, Jonii and Jason. This is our first vid.. so yerrh =) any advicee? comment please? hahaha and sorry bout the random clip at the end x) And stupid youtube made some of the clips offbeat==! ahwels. yehyeh Jason knows his shit so fuck off...
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I DON'T OWN ANY OF THESE SONGS!!!!!! songlist doepy: master blaster - everywhere (groove coverage remix) francis: patrick bunton - young birds andrewz: erik vee - faraway(vocador dub remix) danielz: manian - hold me tonight instinct: cascada - what hurts the most(darren styles remix) william: chemistry - we are one(backslash vs mikkas remix) thuan: tatanka - gtp(technoboy remix) jericho: melbourne shufflers - the shuffle rocky:organ donors vs alex kidd - boot it up andreezy:sandra gee - if you want me(benny remix) lacez: pulsedriver - galaxy(megarav.s dj lee remix) strawberry: ace da brain - magic waters abangben&moonboy: headhunterz - battle 2 the end sarawr: masif dj"s - heart of asia(suae remix) thanx for wtching hope you enjoyed
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “City Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. 200mewtwo4 says:

    @JonnyJet85 I know you can’t do what they can, but why you be hating brodie?

  2. JonnyJet85 says:

    you 3 are faggots!!! get a life cunts

  3. AlphaWolf777666 says:

    Check out my vids, im not this good but ive got a year of shuffling under my belt (:

  4. eranbraun2 says:

    The tree got preety much good ass

  5. MrMichael80neu says:

    von wo lernt man shuffle also ich lerne von youtube gibts auch ein verein?

  6. snowboarda4ever says:

    is the guy in the green stripes- trousers jason? he’s amazing

  7. cranker79 says:

    gail. spaaßß bin besser^^

  8. 200mewtwo4 says:

    @IraqNegroVeteran W/e just go eat your k.F.C in the corner.

  9. IraqNegroVeteran says:

    @200mewtwo4 yes …i do….i just wont conform to this homo shit

  10. 200mewtwo4 says:

    @IraqNegroVeteran Dude this is the shit.Better than Bboying, Cwalk, Jerkin you just don’t know real style.

  11. the intro was more epic then the actual shuffle…

  12. SKaterRAver1 says:

    where can i get a pair of those pants???!!!

  13. CrazyGirl61420 says:

    Me: Bye mum be back soon

    Mum: Can i ask were your going

    Me: To kill 109 people tht can’t shuffle
    Mum: Alone?
    Me: No with 1,478 hardstyle lovers

    Mum: Okay be back soon

  14. IraqNegroVeteran says:

    this is horrible shit….kids nowadays are stupid

  15. FAYTification says:

    check out me and my family shuffling, also check out my crew CFH (created for hardstyle) if you shuffle or just like the dance i assure you won’t be dissapointed 🙂

  16. MrPhanification says:

    that was waste of time…. the music is good but they killed it

  17. MxoscarxT says:

    there was a disturbing pic

  18. LordKnasticuz says:

    Latent stupidity is a very dangerous disease

  19. lmfaooallie says:

    @DrMaDRaVe good one bro.

  20. DrMaDRaVe says:

    @lmfaooallie i think your just dumb as fuck and don’t know it ;]

  21. lmfaooallie says:

    shuffling is dumb as fuck.

  22. CutieLeniYo says:

    yeah very good =)

  23. AndroxineVortex says:

    lol -> andrew

  24. TyroneB803 says:

    sweet shuffling…i can shuffle but im not that good like you

  25. Hey nice shuffle !! Btw what program did u use to edit the video looks fantastic !

  26. R3C0NzL3G1T says:

    every one at my school :
    1: thinks shuffling is gay
    2: guys that dye their hair instantly considered gay ( im dyeing my hair, problem? )
    3: shuffling is burned out ( people think )
    4: lmfao shuffle is cool ( fuck them )
    5: people are haters
    just saying

  27. this trousers are freakin’ gay 😉

  28. @mexipenguin well in my school, skaters and emos fall under the same category, plus they all smoke weed, so no wonder girls arent attracted to them…

  29. Pokemondeivid says:

    where has this music in here?? is not the same rhythm! tense 4:53 :S

  30. Nice 😉 check out my vids 😀

  31. Pokemondeivid says:

    Nice Songs !

  32. shinobikid27 says:

    @mexipenguin Its just called highschool : Same everywhere

  33. Stat1cshuffle says:


  34. ForeverChinkii says:

    @hollyfilth No…You can shuffle in anythn really…There just bigger which is better for moving and also on the bottom it kinda spreads out and covers the feet which gives it a better gliding effect :p

  35. DerMarkus81 says:

    Da stimme ich zu… 8)

  36. Pr0Get1v3x says:

    @mexipinguin Here in Germany, the Girls freak out if they see u can shuffle like that 😀 i can shuffle too and girls fly on me if i do this in the club 😀

  37. masterdj012 says:

    @mexipenguin Same. But I’m in MS.

  38. Snipy2755 says:

    francis wins

  39. …

  40. Dabearswkuk says:

    please watch my shuffling video

  41. styler265 says:

    Thumbs up if you agree 😀

  42. killertje909lol says:

    @zumzim55 iyoure rigth hardstyle is not the same as skaters clothes

  43. hollyfilth says:

    do you have to wear those pants to shuffle?

  44. superazertyuiop1234 says:



  45. Carolbolinna says:

    Pleease Watching my first video, brazilian Girl shuffling !!

  46. DannyBoyWins says:


  47. prescottme says:

    falcon KICK!!!!

  48. pompchock says:

    check out my channel for some hardstyle shuffling in 2011. i just recently started and i consider my self better then average. i would appreciate if u could subscribe to my channel

  49. MrTimothyklue says:

    @Dunnemiddi team Francis

  50. skate4fun76 says:

    @spacemarinehero123 i think all skaters know that i skate and do hardstyle too and this is both good stuff and the girls are nice to have