Compilation The Best of [MAS]Style Shuffle 2009

Compilation The Best of [MAS]Style Shuffle 2009 Coment and Rate Thanks Shufflers List in order: Aboy[HR] SaOsin[WMS] Kaka[EHD] Haris[HR] Ziko[TIHB] Condor[WMS] Lincoln Necro[BHD] fROZEN[TIHB] Fahmi[TIHB] Shuffler in Final video: [AUS]BOY Track List: Alex Kidd vs Kidd Kaos - Kiddstock Theme 2009 (BK Remix)

23 Responses to “Compilation The Best of [MAS]Style Shuffle 2009”

  1. AnythingButHuman says:

    My style is Hardstyle SHIRT!
    Shipping Worldwide! and in many colors!..

  2. kennypu says:

    main difference is in malay, you push your leg far back, and the leg that is coming down, you cross it over the other leg. watch this vid for some sick malay

  3. Paccazcantshuffle says:

    that was horrible lol

  4. why the Brazilian thing?

  5. PoPsTaRtEaMpsy says:

    damn found a new style of dance of Brazil now look
    this kid dance very vo get this type of dance to bring it here …

    / Watch? V = kv6REB5nMPg
    / Watch? V = kv6REB5nMPg
    / Watch? V = kv6REB5nMPg

  6. HardStyleBassRaver says:

    Best style has gota be the australian queenslanders:P
    Reppen HBR $LIFE!!

  7. hardstyleshuffle09 says:

    What’s the Diff between Malaysian style and the other styles? Malaysian style looks pwnage.. but looks weird too.

  8. CaninosVermelhos says:

    NAHW. IM STILL WAITING THE CHANGE of my name AUS]BOY nah.. hahaha

  9. GLENRenan says:

    nice 5/5

  10. kizard132 says:

    SaOsin and Condor

  11. dogdodgers123 says:

    By HSS-Dog

  12. ZaaKJumpenShuffle says:

    Putz , eu sou fãa do Zikoo *–*
    Ele dança muito
    e aquele carinha de preto dança pra caralho
    Na verdade todo mundo dança muito aii *-*

    Nice shuffle

  13. poloik007 says:

    nice =D

  14. devilziko says:

    hey hey hey!
    i see my video there!..xDD
    thanx dude!.

    TIHB | ziko

  15. 5:42 is the best *-*

  16. psychoFrozen99 says:

    OMG this is nice

    thnks yaw~

  17. funkafan says:

    nice 5/5


  18. po muito obrigado por te colocado meu mnome ai nesse compilation ficou da hora falew mesmo ;D

    by: E.H.D kaka

  19. adionbass says:

    very nice compilation man…good shufflers 5/5*

  20. CaninosVermelhos says:

    Nice shuffle…..

    HSD// Deadly Akai

  21. CaninosVermelhos says:

    Well… he just wrong the FLAG… well the FLAG that you pute was to me? the [AUS]boy? ‘-‘

    im a Brazilian ^^”
    and im Deadly Akai, put in the place of BOY, thank you for the video, <3~


  22. abelos2008 says:

    oh god!!!….my vid in compilation :P……thnxxxx……and very nice shuffler


  23. CaninosVermelhos says:

    huhuhuSO FUCKING AWESOME, and i dance too ;D 5:36 ;D