Not my video or music the original source is this and no I dont know the songs hahah

9 Responses to “Complete guide on how to Melbourne Shuffle – Nate”

  1. ArznProductions says:

    This is actually the most in depth helpful video I’ve seen on shuffling, has helped me a lot thank you.

  2. Kill3rDyl says:

    Thanks for finding and uploading this,

  3. YumiBear16 says:

    Your argument is invailed due to…..LACK OF AWESOMNESS!!

  4. @drummerboy69able click the link in the description its not my video jackass, lmao

  5. drummerboy69able says:


  6. 3pIcn3Rd3DfTw says:

    who made this vid? link plz if possible

  7. @MrKompiss
    No problem~ most credit goes to the guy who made the video 🙂

  8. MrKompiss says:

    Nice vid man, helped me out!

  9. Nice. 🙂