Jin Josh and Ty's Cwalk Bboy and Shuffle =D Enjoy~ =)

25 Responses to “Cwalk Bboy Shuffle”

  1. yopaigemorris says:

    sexyy 😀

  2. The first guys jerking

  3. MsqdRolandz says:

    😀 this vid is good especially the shuffing 🙂 keep it up

  4. Lol nice editing boys really obvious

  5. bboyflash417 says:

    im still learning how to cwalk and breakdancing

  6. ur not really bboying if ur not toprocking. U were a beginner to bboying right?

  7. No Alternative- Dj Merlin vs. Dj C-Bass …is last song

  8. bakablitz says:

    What’s the song playing at the end when the guy is shuffling?

  9. what is the MUSIC.??

  10. actually one of the best vids on youtube… fucking siick

  11. xvintagex100 says:


  12. nice.

  13. seany4nooby says:

    multi dancing pretty bad ass

  14. haah SIIIICK crips!

  15. feelthebrownie says:

    omg near the end part !
    BEAST. that looked so fake but oh so real. hahaha

  16. hmongvue86 says:

    thats beast i cwalk shuffle and bboy too

  17. nice

  18. RazerCommander says:

    gotta love your shufflin. good job bro.

  19. aznpartyqueen says:

    u guys dont look that noob

  20. vene93855524 says:

    =.= that not shuffle in breakdance”

  21. omfg that shuffel was proooooooooooooooooo XD

  22. nomindchess says:

    yea the shuffling looks crazy, like almost fake yea, cool shit

  23. LMAO i LOVE ur intro

  24. 010pepwin says:

    cwalk is something else than crip walk ffs

  25. vietgirl969702 says:

    Omg heller funny haha…