READ!!!!! YES MY MOBILE PHONE IS BACK!!! Quicker the I expected ^^ But thats good. To celebrate I made a super short video. I promise to make longer videos next time. My Earplugs Keep pooping out of my ear when I'm shuffling so I lost my balance many times =P Oh yeah sorry for the quality. Oh yeah I don't say anything in the video =P It's only my friends talking if you might hear them. No infrigment intended if there is any contact me and I will remove it imidietly

7 Responses to “Cwalk, Melbourne Shuffle – My camera is back!!!”

  1. Sw33tzShortz says:

    your pretty good ^.^

  2. Pandashuffla says:

    yo nice man keep it up

  3. @garowice Ahh, Look at mine, Trust me I don’t even put music ontop of my shuffling, and I haven’t recorded me c-walking yet, :P.. So your pretty good actually. Keep it up and you will get alot better.

  4. @DemonFeetz Well I don’t really got so much money latley so I had to use my phone to record my videos because I don’t own a normal camera, but when I can i look it up ^^ Pretty good? haha xD I think I kinda suck.

  5. If you can, I advise investing in a Flip Camera they are called, other than that, you’ve got some skills, definately. Your pretty good.

  6. @manrothableable haha xD

  7. manrothableable says:

    0:07 FTW!