Shuffle is an easy move for the cwalk, its simple, looks good and in this tutorial I have included one of the most common sub-moves. The kick is simple! Lear...
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  1. anthony5741 says:

    where to play the c walk packs??

  2. darkcrazyfrog says:

    im pointing out a red bandanna you like just see it and that pretty weird

  3. that first part looks simple

  4. DaChubbyFilipino says:

    wat torrent site do u find da instrumental??? any???

  5. @xXLokipunisherXx The shuffle is a move, the Melbourne shuffle is what you
    are referring to, which originated in Melbourne, Australia and is used in
    clubs while dancing to Headhunterz and other Hardstyle artists and tracks.
    The shuffle is one of the moves used in the Cwalk with many variations.
    There are also V variations and hops as well as spins and drops. There is
    quite a bit to the dance and some people are very good at it (VietJr and
    MSKO to name two). Sorry if that confused you!

  6. Its an unreleased beat you can find on torrent sites, just type in 9th
    wonder unreleased torrent. That should give you it. It will also give you
    the instrumentals to the rest of my vids. If you can’t find it, ill upload
    it for you and send you a message.

  7. DaChubbyFilipino says:

    can u please tell me how to get this instrumental!!! i know its by 9th
    wonder, but its impossible to find it!

  8. nice vid man i find this so difficult to do at first lol

  9. Check Cwalkerz Pack 4 at cwalkerz dot com or chasm-online dot com and go to
    the forums and check for cwalkerz packs. Than check in pack 4, it should be
    in there… its an instrumental 😀 Its by the 9th wonder.

  10. iceprince90 says:


  11. Just search for it, search for 9th wonder instrumentals torrent and you
    should find it. 🙂 Look for the torrents that contain the unreleased beats.

  12. Nice video. What’s the song homez? It’s sick.

  13. xXLokipunisherXx says:

    @Draygonia Thanks for the explanation^^ Didn’t thought theres a difference
    between Shuffle/Melbourne Shuffle

  14. GoneDeathMode says:

    those are cortez premiums arent they?

  15. Yep, they are the urban edition 😀

  16. You can download them at Cwalkerz (dot) com.

  17. Likeachimney14 says:

    one of the very first cwalk tutorial vids that i learned from. great to see
    this vid again after 3 years.

  18. What red bandanna? This isn’t a gang walk, this is a dance -.-

  19. Well, the basic shuffle takes maybe a week at most and the kick another
    week, but if you want shuffles to look good, you need to practice for a few

  20. It looks hard, but you have to practice at it, cwalk took me a few months
    to learn and im at a year, 3 months and im still not that great.

  21. GoneDeathMode says:

    oh ye…now i remember

  22. lilmexican64 says:

    nice video itz hard2 do u mak it seem so fukin eazy but wen i do it itz

  23. DaChubbyFilipino says:

    damn…i still can’t find dat instrumental… sorry i can’t find dat shit
    over da internet, is there any other way u could give that song?? it’s ok u
    dont have to…

  24. Shuffle stomp is where you sort of leap forward and stomp the ground and
    than jump back into the shuffle position. That takes a little practice to
    integrate into your walk. Shuffle step back is just shifting your waist,
    you will learn it after a few days. Snake Heeltoe is in one of my later
    tutorials, its easy to learn too 🙂

  25. xXLokipunisherXx says:

    Why are u calling it SHuffling? Its C-Walk nothing more so dont confuse
    poor Shuffle fans