Da TuB and Mista Fizzay shuffling it up : D I will have another solo vid in about 2-3 weeks. This was my first time using windows movie maker... how did i do...

20 Responses to “Da TuB and Mista Fizzay Skinny Jeans Shuffle”

  1. Thomas Watkins says:

    lol Thanks bug : D

  2. Chris Sea says:

    @whatrubuyinstranger7 I da XHS|Manik

  3. Cicismiles says:

    aaah thomas, this is so random [i just saw this now] why did this just make
    my day? [: hahhaha

  4. Thomas Watkins says:

    Lol i love how everyone is calling me that now XD but thanks man! This was
    a while ago btw it was acutally about 3 weeks ago but i wanted to make a
    vid that was actually edited good lol

  5. lol you have a shuffle name? Aw =( does that mean I can’t call you Boner
    anymore? =( great job though =)

  6. wow guys rock!! specially boner!! hahah awesome!!! u shuffle with skinnies
    now huh,, haha it looks better haha it creates illusion thing to make ur
    shuffle better.. 5/5 brothers -ZeZe-

  7. Thomas Watkins says:

    @Cicismiles because its awesome. haha jk that was sooo long ago haha im so
    much better now 😛 but thanks for saying that this made your day 🙂

  8. Chris Sea says:

    Woo!!! Go Boner!!!

  9. Thomas Watkins says:

    Thanks alot : )

  10. rudyf2387 says:

    skinnies= maximum stretch to ur shuffle XD meaning u can extend anything ur
    rm t shuffle etc nice video 😀

  11. Thomas Watkins says:

    thanks and yea its Da TuB lol but u can still call me that XD if u want i
    dont care ne more lol

  12. jmrdude10 says:

    hey whats this song called?

  13. ashleypeirce says:

    oooo i like this one alot! 🙂 one word for ya. epic.

  14. sparkyboomman7 says:

    Beast!!!! =]

  15. Thomas Watkins says:

    haha thanks mayn. umm btw who is this? im sorry but i only kno a few people
    who call me that XD which one r u?

  16. Willis Hsieh says:

    windows movie maker can’t do much anyway, you’ve done all it can do pretty
    much 😛

  17. shufflebunny868 says:

    nice shuffling im a shuffler my self but whats that song bro

  18. spinningsushi says:

    woot, very nice! 5* -sushi

  19. BRYCE1q2w3e4r5t6y says:

    nice man sick styles! xD 5*

  20. Thomas Watkins says:

    ^_^ thanks so much