Dave's Reverse Running Man Tutorial

I teach how to do the Reverse Running man. Enjoy!

Video edited by HsX, Shuffler HsX, music Hardstyle.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

27 Responses to “Dave’s Reverse Running Man Tutorial”

  1. B4rr0wPk3r says:

    LMFAO!!! you watched this vid too O_O I hate the fact that jerkin took
    shuffles “unique” move -.-…. Took a classic move and just re named it its
    fucking retarded..

  2. gatta learn this no matter WTF!!! lol great tutorial!

  3. thats realy good but u need to do the hop thing on boath feet

  4. LittleDroz says:

    Nice one Dave!! Have you thought of doing more tutorials? They are very
    well explained! thanks ^^

  5. EmoAtamaSan says:


  6. Foufouvideos says:


  7. dancetoenlightenment says:

    Can I ask why you would bring a camera into a night club? why not pop some
    illz and just party and dance to express not impress? good tutorial though

  8. Dood u helped me out a lott hectic shufflers video was hard to under stand.
    But he is basicly hopping on both feet.

  9. @hillluca man firstly it is not easy for everyone, not everyone has the
    opportunity to go to dancing school so you should STFU Great video, helped
    me a lot, THANKS =)

  10. erringtoN89 says:

    well done man very well explained!! looks gud

  11. sexy voice 😀 5/5 favorited 🙂

  12. TauTweeXaZ says:

    Thx for this tutorial +subrscribe

  13. your a jerk your jerk your jerk jerk jerk jerk lol jk… my friend said ”
    that aint a reverse nothin hes jerking”

  14. @rodrigogigo NIGGA

  15. Pititingueiro Domingos says:

    eu n falo ingles affeh

  16. monica ornelas says:

    i wouldn’t mind watching you hop around like an idiot all day x)

  17. wow REALLY good tutorial except i still cant do it fast enough lol

  18. Brandon EbanXx says:

    r u really that dumb?

  19. you said the idiot in the phatt pants and this is a rave dance tutorial
    video that does not help tell us who you are talking about

  20. DeejaySlideX says:

    uuuh shuffle is older as shuffle and DnB step stolen mutch stuff from

  21. Justice – D a n c e (mstrkrft remix)

  22. wats the name of the song in the background?

  23. does anyone know how to do the running man on meet the spartans, caus eive
    been trying to work it out it doesnt look like a normal running man cause
    he sort of steps back, help i really want to do it lol

  24. Jerking is a unskilled man’s reverse runningman.

  25. darkrainer says:

    so uhh you don’t switch feets like the regular running man? 0_o

  26. Mantas Lesanavičius says:

    dekui uz dedicate seni ;] +5

  27. Gytis Levickis says:

    np! ;]