Oh well i had fun ^^ Track: Unofficial - Era Song - Ameno - Andromeda (Trance Generators Remix)

Well, it was sunny out thats all i'm gonner say not my best video ever is it :/ BUT CHILL! i'm gonner go to a meetup and make some sick vids for my loyal subbers 🙂 LOTS OF LOVE - RowenZ
Video Rating: 4 / 5

28 Responses to “DCR//Xzotic Melbourne Shuffle Practice”

  1. ty 😀

  2. Pretty nice shuffle 🙂 Thumbs up for you!

  3. killimig99 says:

    nice shuffle dude xD im da 3rd viewer 😀

  4. Need song!~

  5. AnnaWalshh says:

    woowww thats amazing. o:

  6. ChavoAL54 says:

    Nice man 10/10 🙂 Whats the name of the song if anyone knows? Keep Rocking (Y)

    HsG// DaXter

  7. TiberiumSon says:

    niceone dude you good! keep it up^^

    pls watch, comment and give me some advices and tips! thx

  8. denisbarinovx says:

    Fuckk… 923 views in 1 week?!!! I got 1k views in like fckin year and a half… -.-
    HOW THE HELL?!!!

  9. cool vid, whats the name of the song ? =)

  10. awesome ! keep it up !

    Silesia rockers -kendi

  11. TheOriginalChaos says:

    so nice this video rowen

  12. What’s the song? Pleeease it’s fucking epic.

  13. pro shuffle bro 🙂

  14. NPshuffler says:

    @321skully LOL! aw mate nice videos you got…. oh wait you don’t have any because your a keyboard warrior and have nothing to show, now shut the fuck up, you sad little fuck, is your life that shit you have to try act hard on YOUTUBE.

  15. @Rowenzz nice 1step and a half…

  16. ccshufflers says:

    mad style bro

  17. sweaty4529 says:

    nice rowenzz = ) i like


    BKaotics | sweaty

  18. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    epic row! keep it goign!

  19. HardstyleMagic says:

    That was good.

    – MenzixD

  20. just love ur style 😉

  21. mattbridges110 says:

    Short and shit seems more appropriate. poor timing, editing, and general variation in moves. learn to dance.

  22. thaat’s freking nice 🙂 thumbs up 😉

  23. just love ur style 😉

  24. just love ur style 😉

  25. JordZWHAT says:

    mad rocking rowenzz
    your a hektik shuffler:)
    better than me 😀
    love ur vids! pretty inspiring too;)
    takcare mate x

  26. ToddShufflez says:

    Loved it!
    sssooo damn smoothh!
    Well done maan!
    AOB Todd ^__^

  27. cloudy23child says:

    you’re good : D

  28. NPshuffler says:

    mate, your shit! lol 🙂 ..i’ve already said enough on Wednesday, hope you enjoy the comment while your in college in physics 😀