Dedicated to Shanaaa (aa) ~ Happy Bdayy! x :D ♥ [[Melbourne Shuffle]]

Dedicated to someone special! 😀 ,, It's been a while since I've seen her.. And we don't see eachother that much.. And I felt for doing at least "Something" for her Birthday 😀 Enjoy ~

IM BACK!!! and i have lots to share with all you friends 😛 oh dude's! haha thanks to the thedrummer1844 i think i said his/her name in the video wrong and if i did im sorry my video fast song
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8 Responses to “Dedicated to Shanaaa (aa) ~ Happy Bdayy! x :D ♥ [[Melbourne Shuffle]]”

  1. lyanhardstyle says:

    LYAN HARDSTYLE HERE!!!!! wats up!!!!!!!! and dam boy your voice is cute <3 not in a hitting on you way but hey the video is so blurrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy and sry alaniz im not hitting on your man

  2. fatalisslayer22 says:

    @TheTrueSurviros haha thankx

  3. TheTrueSurviros says:

    godeam. fastt lol

  4. fatalisslayer22 says:

    @inferarkuvio Thanks and make sure to keep the music going i see every new video still kick base 😀

  5. inferarkuvio says:

    Welcome back bro 😀

  6. fatalisslayer22 says:

    @mzalaniz1 lol thankx i bet u have a cute voice also

  7. kittykatty123456 says:

    so blurry 😛 but awesome

  8. fatalisslayer22 says:

    The Video doesnt keep up with my speed!!!! >_> YouTube WHY!!!! still good 😛