Dedication Shuffle

Sonys Shuffle Dedication to his brother from another mother TURTLE 🙂 GOING SMOOTH NOT HARD.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

23 Responses to “Dedication Shuffle”

  1. Shinzo HardDancer says:

    Sony, forever a grand inspiration for me <3

  2. Andres Alvarez says:

    lol that dog is like you go SONY

  3. Andres Alvarez says:

    Sonys hair always goes back in forward always

  4. Jonathan Vigebo says:

    So… What’s the song named?

  5. Sebastian Wallberg says:

    Nice groove man!

  6. HardDanceCriminals says:

    haha well i didnt see anyone else except my krew in phatts lol so it was probably us lol 😉

  7. really? haha i usually use socks, i saw a few guys in phats at winterfresh, i wonder if i saw your crew. im learning how to melbourne shuffle alot better before i go to kandy fest since ive been only listening to hardstyle

  8. HardDanceCriminals says:

    Hahaa NO shuffling in bare Feet doesnt hurt just dont think about it and dance lol 😉

  9. dude your FEET? Doesn’t that hurt?

  10.  avaline – killah

  11. that was sick

  12. HardDanceCriminals says:


  13. evilpinoy456 says:

    i know its the killers- somebody told me but idk the remix by?!?!?!
    plz lemme know!!!

  14. brodybro2 says:

    song plz

    sick shuffle too

  15. UsaShufflerz says:

    Fuk i forgot the name of the song!!!! Somone plese tell me!!!!!

  16. rudyf2387 says:

    my boy sony tearing shit up 😛 keep it up

    SCH - xXF3ARXx

  17. Melanie Delia says:

    i want a dedication vid! :3

  18. gettin better.. your style is flowing smoother now.

  19. miguelreye1 says:

    hell yeaa .. *5
    get that smooth shuffle going den you can add the hard …
    keep it up … cool rawk man

    GMH//Infinite//HR usa

  20. Slimfirestarter says:

    Oh and i forgot, fuckin BEAST in bare feet

  21. Slimfirestarter says:

    Hahaha EL TORTUGA!!!!! That should have been on his phatts lol. Nice shuffle btw. U look better when ur lines dont go like 20-30 feet lol

  22. pretty nice 🙂

    keep up!

  23. ccshufflers says:

    Mad Video Bro 😀