Defqon rockers feat. Matt Tiff Tristan Hiltzy Marc. Want to dance like this? Free tutorial at
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I don't know who this Guy is, but in my opinion he is the best Shuffler in the WORLD!!! --- PS: aaaah kidding 😀 its only me, the Bad Wannabe Shuffler!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 Responses to “Defqon 1 2009 – Shuffle compilation”

  1. Brockyist says:


  2. NygusShuffle says:

    27.09 jupi my birth! Make me wishes bitches!


  4. MrAmadeo1001 says:

    1:34 mmm… 🙂

  5. Lockey157 says:

    He’s great, And one of my influences for sure, but think these guys are doin somthing right.

  6. I LOVE you guys

  7. 0verseer says:

    Running man, some shuffle, running man, some shuffle… not much to say there. Check out Avlid’s videos, he got some nice moves.

  8. BLGspark says:

    00:24 A Giant Cock…

  9. Gotta say not really all that impressive its all rock rock rock srsly guys open up a little more mix it up do something besides the same 4 steps throughout the WHOLE vid

  10. PunchAPeach says:

    @CrutialProductions lol it’s the same song from the beginning until 5:18 – Amber D- Amber’s Theme (Alex Kidd vs. Kidd Kaos Remix)

  11. CrutialProductions says:

    song at 3:15

  12. ChiggerLemon says:

    You can’t choreograph street/club dances. You gotta just feel the music and dance your ass off…

  13. OTHardstyleTO says:

    first guy looks like The German Rockers

  14. RiceGoingHard says:

    @spinachcookie They just don’t get what the shuffle is all about in the US. To them its all about bouncing rather than sliding, then add in some choreography ^_^,

    I guess at the end of the day if people want to do that i should just relax and not worry lol =_=;

  15. Kremlin60 says:

    lol the guy @ 1:19 “holy shit this guy is a beast”

  16. @spinachcookie when i do shuffle at the disco everyne says eee LMFAO every day i’m shufflin and me its like WTF?’ is melbourne shuffle! not the crappy shuffle of lmfao lol

  17. savivara13 says:

    Amber D – Amber’s Theme (Alex Kidd vs. Kidd Kaos Remix)


  19. XDapopeX says:

    @SSSmowkee im with you for the most part. i enjoy Melbourne shuffle and hate that this lmfao thing made it a fad. if you’re into shuffle and want to be good at it because you enjoy the music and the dance then thats ok. all these little kids trying to be cool and show off are just ruining it.

  20. Yo, whats the track name anyone ? Much appreciated 😀

  21. SSSmowkee says:

    @w1llyesiam being an american, I can completely agree with this. Now when I go out to raves or any kind of house event, there’s always those little scene kids doing that weird one step stomp shuffle. I wouldnt have a problem if they weren’t just blatantly riding a bandwagon. fucking media man…

  22. Hey leonard, are you coming defqon this year?

  23. i can shuffle like that.. and i agree… idk how the hell they can call shuffle LMFAO… im not even sure they can dance S:

  24. ignishun says:

    This tbh is what shuffling is all about. Not about home videos, not about skill. It’s about enjoying yourself at a rave or festival where music sounds 100x better than anywhere and where shuffling truly belongs.

  25. hexarage says:

    1st song name?

  26. MissLeniix3 says:

    Möchtegern … schon etwas eingebildet oder ?

  27. when shuffling to house i dont need to move as much as when its hardstyle

  28. Aggroisgeil says:

    I love it ♥

  29. digitalpunk006 says:

    If I could dance like this I don’t think I’d get anything done, I’d literally be in my room dancing 24 hours a day and eventually die of dehydration. Bravo sir.

  30. EnchantedRecords says:

    You’d kill it in the club!

  31. GabbaaaGandalf says:

    dutch…not listening to hardstyle or hardcore :O ?!

  32. Mazishuffle says:

    track name?

  33. lolis11222 says:

    Right here bro.

  34. AUZZIEASSASSIN33 says:

    Mad az bruh

  35. DiceyWhat says:

    cute running man, where’s the shuffle

  36. stijnimanbik says:

    Holland just owns 🙂 greetings from holland 🙂

  37. TheAsu123321 says:

    What is TB mean?

  38. perladactyl says:

    @latininxtc lol

  39. latininxtc says:

    this looks like the melbourne shuffle, except not as exciting to watch

  40. jewmaster says:

    Keep doing what youre doing

  41. shaka0aka0roklar says:

    Basic Steps and Spins not more and not less. Btw its not good.

  42. ElectroWave0 says:


  43. BalearicS0ul says:

    Ian Frey – Teksas (Major Tosh Remix) 😉

  44. manwarcow says:


  45. Nothing pro, but good shuffler

  46. togra111 says:

    @swaicy1 doch die armbewegungen ^^ aber das ist eher freestyle irgendwie ^^

  47. lolomaten1 says:

    song ? :D

  48. SamCamhosain says:

    You re great 🙂