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Thanks for watching my Shuffle video ! Leave a comment with tips or anything that helps me get better. I know i does'nt move my armes so much, i'm learning it now on the moment : ) Song : B-twinz - Words
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32 Responses to “Denmark RFH melbourne shuffle complitation#1 [With songlist]”

  1. @Viggogm hehe 😀

  2. Sådan Migo (Marcus)

  3. olegod1000 says:

    very nice

  4. olegod1000 says:

    camera is -.-

  5. @Ninjamigo76 Vi skal lave en med nogle clip der aldrig er set 🙂

  6. @tvnoerd500 ja tak til all RFH´er

  7. tvnoerd500 says:

    den er det mega sej

  8. @Ninjamigo76 🙂

  9. Ninjamigo76 says:

    Troede det var Tv der havde lavet den 🙁

    Sorry, den er mega godt lavet!!! 😀

  10. Ninjamigo76 says:

    Ej sejt lavet 😀

  11. Ninjamigo76 says:

    Du ka da ikk bare stjæle video’er-.-‘

  12. DJKaneHtownshuffler says:

    @MaaatsOlaaand hahaha

  13. MaaatsOlaaand says:

    @DJKaneHtownshuffler Thanks alot man ! Hehe : D

  14. DJKaneHtownshuffler says:

    DAMN!!!!! i like that shuffle nice phats

  15. MaaatsOlaaand says:

    @jokleogsko Jepps, i know that with my arms. Im working hard with it : )
    Oh, you dont think? I love that “T-step”, but working with it to get it smoother…
    All right, thanks for the feedback :p

  16. jokleogsko says:

    jaaaaah you told me to give you feedback 🙂
    First off mate never render in 1080 when your camera doenst record in so high quallity it takes almost twice the time compared to 720p. Secondly i dont think this t-step thing fits your style, at 0:16 and you make it very often too, it feels kinda repeative at times. also mate MORE Arm movements. Else than that very smooth and slippy. Thats a great thing 🙂

  17. katrinesvendsen94 says:

    Du er flink Mats :- D <3

  18. MrKennybomb1 says:

    Den ble jo dritbra! La den til som favoritt:p ser du har fått en del views allerede=D

  19. MaaatsOlaaand says:

    @SSCSubbe Du er smuuud 😀

  20. smuuud ; D

  21. MaaatsOlaaand says:

    @TheDjshock123 Thaaanks!

  22. MaaatsOlaaand says:

    @YellowPancakez Hehe, takker 😀

  23. MaaatsOlaaand says:

    @HPTAndyOne01 Thanks, you to ; D

  24. HPTAndyOne01 says:

    nice shuffle / style =)

  25. YellowPancakez says:

    fin video mann 😀 Du e mæææd

  26. TheDjshock123 says:

    bro style shuffleee!!

  27. MaaatsOlaaand says:

    @nikkiboy123456789 Takk, Nikkinikki’las 😀 Du er også flink, til å spise tregt! hahaha

  28. nikkiboy123456789 says:

    nice, du er jo flink! 😀

  29. MaaatsOlaaand says:

    @NBSuFFLeRz Thanks mate 😀 Love your style to!

  30. MaaatsOlaaand says:

    @zWoki Hehe, håper da ikke det ! Thanks 😀

  31. NBSuFFLeRz says:

    sik vid man,
    love your style

  32. er ikke dårlig detta da 😀