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Evolution of Techno Dance (Shuffle, Jumpstyle, Rebolation, DnB step, Electro Dance, Tecktonik)

best of techno dance

49 Responses to “Different Shuffle Styles from Soft to Hardstyle”

  1. thlk123 says:

    song at´╗┐ 1;42 ???

  2. ACDCbaby says:

    this could be kinda obvious and im just missing it, but´╗┐ what really makes the different styles, well, different? like to make the style “harder” is it just quicker or somthing? Can someone please answer? Ive been wondering this for a long time….

  3. mperron3 says:

    Pleas´╗┐ make tutorials on how to shuffle!

  4. Virtualarrow says:

    simply said: ”Everyday i’m´╗┐ shuffelin” ­čÖé

  5. helloweakly says:

    ur an amazing shuffler!!!! but i hate that my youtube makes the video load every 5 seconds…. but´╗┐ ur video was worth waiting! haha

  6. BeccaLouiseEatsDucks says:

    fucking amazing!´╗┐

  7. xXCloudZx says:

    I bet those socks are´╗┐ black

  8. eyelikescifi says:

    Hey you don’t suck ur´╗┐ better than me ­čśŤ

  9. theycallmeKGB says:

    @linksta9111 Hey, its called “Reverse Running Man”, you just reverse 1 step of the running man, not´╗┐ much theory but a lot of practise to get it in rhytm´╗┐ ­čÖé keep shuffling jauww ­čśÇ

  10. linksta9111 says:

    I´╗┐ can’t figure out how to do 0:25 it’s bothering me. Any help on what its called I’m skilled but still learning

  11. Adonatrix1 says:

    @faceboob1000 well i have an answer use your socks and evory day or evory time you shuffle start slow like soft shuffle and get faster wen you feel´╗┐ ready wen the bass kicks

  12. theheavensx says:

    Al I saw was the same kid doing the same thing to different´╗┐ songs.

  13. Moomme93 says:

    are you trying to´╗┐ heil but failing?

  14. melbshuffle961 says:

    good job bro!´╗┐

  15. ThePlimdog says:

    dude thats awsome.´╗┐ can you make another vid how to do sertain moves that are trick or look tricky.

  16. Rogerioheadhunter says:

    hahahahahahhaha idiot ..´╗┐

  17. MegaSlayer1984 says:

    shit dancing like this you wouldn’t need a stairmaster XD´╗┐

  18. that’s really awesome mam. like your soft´╗┐ shuffle.

  19. TrollViolater369 says:

    i see the speed i changin but you styles are´╗┐ very similar

  20. BBrian48 says:

    I think you´╗┐ do hardstyle the best

  21. legendarynigs45 says:

    what the hell?… how many styles of shuffle exist´╗┐ ._.?

  22. MrShuffleRocks says:

    @theycallmeKGB can you make a video tutorIAL ON hand movements´╗┐ for shuffle im really stuck at that

  23. Spudst3r says:

    Very nice´╗┐ style. The shuffling I appreciate the most is those who can do it gracefully and maximize the floating on air effect. You’re very good at that, kudos. Definitely a soft-style fan.

  24. HSnewbridge says:

    thats all the same :/´╗┐

  25. Panda7795 says:

    are you doing like a running man side to side or something?? I am new to´╗┐ shuffling idk the styles but I like yours and I only found two moves t step and running man oh and can you tell me where you learned to do all this??

  26. pedromenozzi1 says:

    dat ass and dat boobs´╗┐ already won my like. Ohh and for the dance too !

  27. zax123ify says:

    hur hur´╗┐ the number of dislikes is 69

  28. Zulhitler says:

    @Becko2712 1st song is Project Well by Beattrax. Cant remember the artist but i think its beattrax. The original version is better than´╗┐ the remix if youre looking to dl it.

  29. MRredman341 says:

    she´╗┐ sexy :F

  30. tyreke20x202 says:

    Who Cares About Her Shufflin’ The Thing Is Her Butt´╗┐ Is HUUUUGE !

  31. Becko2712 says:

    What’s the name of the song at the start :)´╗┐

  32. raed381 says:

    69 idots dont´╗┐ have test for dance

  33. senseisoldi says:


  34. TheLyric55 says:

    0:02 She sucks, I hope I didn’t offended´╗┐ no1, but at least she got a nice ass.

  35. patya1234 says:


  36. can any1 give me the´╗┐ original video of the girl?

  37. karenqbby1 says:

    Rebolation itz baddd asssss´╗┐

  38. tscheck21 says:

    I like´╗┐ Rebolation ^^

  39. Helendrius says:

    @make00me00evil Try´╗┐ typing the lyrics in google

  40. tentenz5500 says:

    1.Beattraax-Project Well
    2.Patrick-Jumpen – The´╗┐ Secret
    3.Breakdown-Play With It Feat. Whiskey Pete & Julz – Gigi Barocco Mix
    4.Sub Focus- Flamenco
    5.Slip & Slide – Micha Moore
    6.Scotty-The Black Pearl (Dave Darell Remix)

  41. tentenz5500 says:

    @make00me00evil Beattraax-Project Well´╗┐

  42. TheCamelia125 says:

    name of the first song´╗┐ plz? ­čÖé

  43. FirstFright2009 says:

    SOMEONE MESSAGE ME WITH THE FIRST SONG ON HERE! ITS PISSING ME OFF I CANNOT FIND IT LOl ,son of a bitch i just want to wear high heels and do the shuffle ,´╗┐ someone help me out lmfao, no but seriously what song is this

  44. make00me00evil says:

    what`s the first´╗┐ song`s name ? pliiiss

  45. dat ass´╗┐

  46. TheFeRnAnDeX1 says:

    Como se´╗┐ llama la 1ra cancio quien me lo dice x favoorrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! esta Xber el video

  47. atsikelk23 says:

    First song name´╗┐ please?

  48. vidaloka900 says:

    @ERASTOCOUTO yeh he was better cuz´╗┐ hes brazilian

  49. TheCamelia125 says:

    1:11 what is´╗┐ the song name???