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25 Responses to “DisturberZ – The Black Demon (HQ+HD)”

  1. TheRocCko says:

    Nice , ga zo door!

  2. Nice !!! –

  3. NikoMediaTv says:

    would you guys mind checking out my song??

  4. MrThealion says:

    Bop bop bop bop bop tu tu tutu bop tu bop tu bop tu tu ut ut ut utu

    Kortom; Heerlijk xD

  5. DisturberZofficial says:

    Thanks for the sub, and your right its called Logic pro but it only works for mac. Maybe we try it out in the future. Greets

  6. This. Is. AWESOME!!!
    Will you be making more songs? Any album release date? I NEED moar!! ^^

  7. slayer300012 says:

    sounds great!!! U have a good chance at becoming like hhz or zatox! Good luck with your new and talented career! nice kick btw

  8. Viizii0nZz says:

    once you get more respected by the community think about getting logic studio or something that program is more used by dj’s 😉 but nice first track tough you got my sub 😉

  9. NotoriouzOfficial says:

    great for a first track guys, success!
    keep up the good work,
    (tip try eq even more, and play around with some more distortion, make effects or for some leads, it could turn out real great if u succéed with it)

    Well done guys


  10. DisturberZofficial says:

    If there any hardstyle promoters out there, we can use some help with the promotion of our track so if you are a hardstyle uploader ask us for mp3/wave and we will send you the file.

  11. DisturberZofficial says:

    FL Studio

  12. rtallen1996 says:


  13. Simpolian says:

    Try putting more bass into the kicks next time though..other than that it’s great!

  14. guidotheboy says:

    great for a beginner

  15. pauldevette says:

    goeie shit

  16. uncensored008 says:

    not bad at all. keep it up and get even better 🙂

  17. NiekNorris says:

    Best vet man 😉 Welk programma hebben jullie gebruikt?

  18. DisturberZofficial says:

    thanks for the comments guy’s!
    We are already working on a second even better track.

    Keep an eye on us.

  19. Nice biggy lyrics :D

  20. XxDjMisterJayxX says:

    this is great for beginners 😀

  21. DShardcoremusic says:

    this is really good shit, i doesnt sound like jumpstyle, jumstyle sucks!

  22. energysystem90 says:

    very cre8tive, very complexe music! You Have Talents Guys! Just Keep Doing Song Like This… anyway, I Think It’s Rather Jumpstyle Than Hardstyle 🙂 But It’s Not A Problem! Check out my channel, I’ve made some HS too 🙂 Cheers

  23. EvescyGaming says:

    Dis goede shit man keep on going, good luck

  24. pashqual says:

    Lekker early feeling kerel!!

  25. Mipana1988 says:

    vette shit 😀