me dancing to drum and bass and headhunterz ,bahhh i still need practice with dnb and was trying to do my shuffle harder i guess idk XP comment rate sub sons ,didnt put much effort into this and most of it is offbeat lol

10 Responses to “Dnb-step and melbourne shuffle”

  1. ashl3yrave says:

    only abit.. but im in love wit it.. i suck at it but love it. lol

  2. Pandashuffla says:

    @ashl3yrave yes XP i live in reading.names panda,u shuffle??

  3. ashl3yrave says:

    hey was this video takin in Reading, PA? cuz it looks like da same exact park were i use to go ALL da time.. 🙂

  4. mrcuntyify says:

    some intense hair! Cool vid bro. Can you put a song list up?

  5. KriTofer8141 says:

    . ) very nice
    you song (Y)
    view my video please
    : )
    sub in you channet : )
    in my please sub byee

  6. SinfulShufflerz says:

    Wow man that’s one really interesting style.
    What I loved about it was that you, unlike most shufflers nowadays, actually tried to go ahead and use the space you have instead staying in one spot or 1 or two inches away from it. Keep it up man!

  7. Pandashuffla says:

    @Shadow1803 its iight XP thanks lol pulled an all nighter and not in a vid makin mood just felt like threwin this crap togther lol no love in the vid sob sob

  8. Shadow1803 says:

    not bad panda, but the timing of ur dance and the music is off, come to me if you need help with that

  9. giovanni565 says:

    loved it!

  10. MrFunnyXD says:

    niceee dude, keep practicing, both look nice but gotta work on making em smoother