\DoB//Ash Shuffle Vid With Her New Phatties :D! =====COPYRIGHT TERMS===== We do not own, produce or benefit from any of the music in this video. All rights and reserves go to the artists and producers of this music.

By ME xD Song:Psy Man-BackBiter
Video Rating: 4 / 5

42 Responses to “\\DoB//Ash Shuffle With Phats”

  1. Imhungryhm says:

    Epic phats all I gotta say xD

  2. @Xather15 ……..thats so creepy XD

  3. I love it when girls can shuffle. It turns me on and it’s quite sexy ^_^

  4. LAST SONG PLEASE?!?!?!?!

  5. @chescagirl anima libera by dj raabaan

  6. Needs more hardstyle.

    But still good….NEXT.

  7. UnDeadNecron says:

    nice girl

  8. AerodynamicAnime67 says:

    LOVE your pants!!!

  9. bloodorchid3704 says:

    embarrasing bitch

  10. chescagirl says:

    so, what’s the name of that last song?

  11. AerodynamicAnime67 says:

    This is the dance I do

  12. fourthzane says:

    @finediner10 im pretty sure she is doing melbourne shuffle which requires less movement do u expect hardstyle shuffing from her??? haha

  13. Nice Phat 🙂

  14. SHUFFLECHICK212 says:

    where did u get ur phats

  15. TheLocalZombie says:

    Very smooth shuffling just need to work on your side shuffle and you got it

  16. ShuffleOli says:

    sweet phattie ;D

  17. @dougbates9 DJ Steve – Little Devil Girl (HardStyle Remix)
    tinyurl com /2wp9yet

  18. POKERFACE888 says:

    nice 🙂


    PHD Phil

  19. dougbates9 says:

    songs are
    antifact – path of ritousness (or somethin)

    ian carey project – get shaky

    little devil girl – dj-steve (unfortunatlly cannot get because song is not located on any music website or itunes i even tried lokkin for it)

    dj-raaban – anime libra

  20. lionbraker says:

    names of the songs

  21. finediner10 says:

    Hey! You’ve got some real flow!!!
    I’m just craving a bit more energy…
    like, i love shufflers who move around alot and really kill it
    and i love the phats

  22. Just learn some new moves and you’ll be flying.
    Nice Phats Btw.

  23. not bad : )

  24. Shuffler304 says:

    youre hell good and nice phatts

  25. can you do it with a guy…. …luv it ^_^

  26. joshwurts123 says:

    first 1 was better

  27. UnderworldsShadow says:

    i shuffle! 😀 … just wanted to point that out ^^
    asian dudes in the beginning.. hawwt ;D

  28. I wish i could shuffle i want to learn!

  29. yungkasino says:

    if anyone wants to join my suffle crew if your La or Lb county hit me up…its kalled KloZeTxKillahZ….

  30. 38 when he was shuffling around the other dude in the white reminded me of tokyo drift lol

  31. pspgame1993 says:

    GO !!! Nick.

  32. MelbourneMaster says:

    I found it! 🙂 it is called psyman – backbiter, have it on my computer 😉

  33. Try Psyman – Backhitter or write back if you got skype og someting msn i got it

  34. nice man:)

  35. Go jordy

  36. MelbourneMaster says:

    love the song, anyone who can send it to me via email? Cant find it on limewire or bearshare? :/ i know the name – Psyman – Backbiter

  37. Niice

  38. HarDShufflerz85 says:

    Sibu Shuffle 😀

  39. lol xD

  40. iGOhard247 says:

    haeeeeee man mad vid thanks for adding me i dnt even know u but thnks ahah tc 5/5

  41. nice shufflerz and good music^^ 😀

  42. nice song Psy Man-BackBiter and vid 😛