Duo,Double,Battle Shuffle Compilation 2012 by IMPACT

ye ye i know its not 2012 but i hate this year and i really want it to go away.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Duo,Double,Battle Shuffle Compilation 2012 by IMPACT”

  1. at 3:12 did ur feet hurt i mean u 2 were still sweet but did it hurt?

  2. dioney montesco says:

    what s the song 3:40 ?

  3. Bt2BreakSkn says:

    1:21 lol-wut? lol nice work fellas 😀

  4. RyuuRykoiu says:

    @flowknight I thought my good friends how to shuffle, you should do the

  5. KayThxByee says:

    yeah impact is awesome ^^ greetz from belgium :p

  6. im the kid at 2:02 in the PHD hoodie becuse im a sexy bitch and love
    shuffling p.s love you impact your friend boom p.s.s i live by this stoner

  7. Jumpstyle !!

  8. Trey Gardypie says:


  9. i wish i could shuffle….

  10. what is the song name at 2:33

  11. TheShuffledevil says:

    Song @ 2:53?

  12. tobback555 says:

    Love it 🙂 First comment woohoo!

  13. Howie Feltersnatch says:

    Chizza & Yoshii as an intro. <3

  14. PrzemoLot says:

    @aTrueBelgian thats right man! 🙂

  15. koy shuffler says:

    up finger for the tracklist

  16. novashuffler says:

    Fuck yah! -nova

  17. koy shuffler says:

    you know the song from03:12

  18. TheSantyClaws says:

    lol. this is not defqon this is not dancing this is climax. LOL!

  19. flowknight says:

    lol the costumed shuffling made me lol

  20. Nachen Castañares says:

    Fk Yaa! Soulhunter Anda Kalamede ♥

  21. Natefous Anand says:

    @MsMorganaNF No Need To Reply Its Arkaine – Fear No More

  22. They ought to do like a website to find shufflers in your local area, like
    pron but even more worth it

  23. DHSoulHunter says:

    Grat ! Thanks for having put me in the video! ^^

  24. aTrueBelgian says:

    @ElArtix HELL YE!

  25. Arty Shuffler says:

    song names?