track: Arnej - Dust in the wind

Ambydos Melb shuffle compilation part 1 In the middle of the vid, i put the music off, because people told me it can be really annoying to hear music under it. So after the basics, i started the music again πŸ™‚ These are all the tuts + some extra stuff,, performed GOOD... πŸ˜‰
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  1. trevmann91 says:

    @TMerle oh sorry he’s Austrian. same differences

  2. @trevmann91 too bad he isnt german lol

  3. trevmann91 says:

    Germans are way to in to techno. and thats a good thing

  4. trevmann91 says:


  5. I like how you hit on every beat so smoothly damn you’re good!

  6. evanescence9779 says:

    war heut wieda inna disse aber war einfach zu voll um irgendwas zu bringen πŸ˜‰
    aber geil hier des video^

  7. TopNotchGlowtek says:

    Try not to put your legs out so far, this is one of my favorite songs! !

  8. TopNotchGlowtek says:

    One of my favorite songs! !

  9. @DPReC94 well, it looks alot better if you spin on your heels instead of your toes… but it always looks better when your feet are flat, its more of spin rather than moving your foot 90 degrees over and over to go around…

  10. @TMerle i mean does he just stand on his heel and moves the feet 90* each time or just does he make a little hop with the whole foot 90*. Really confused πŸ˜›

  11. @DPReC94 id say its all feel, there is no way to break it down.. spin in a circle fast.

  12. @AbgehaX
    hm, mittlerweile werd ich ziemlich oft nach Tutorials gefragt. Vielleicht ΓΌberleg ichs mir und mach doch irgendwann mal eines πŸ˜› Aber eigentlich hab ich auf das nicht wirklich Lust.Normalerweise tanz ich einfach und hab meinen Spass. Damit ein Tutorial gut wird muss ich da richtig Arbeit reinstecken.
    Hatte sogar schonmal begonnen, aber im Endeffekt hatte ich wieder mehr Lust einfach nur zu tanzen πŸ˜‰

  13. @PaiNxX65
    danke πŸ™‚

  14. PaiNxX65 says:

    Dein style isn Unikat!

  15. PaiNxX65 says:

    geil einfach nur geil

  16. du willst nicht rein zufΓ€llig mal n paar tutorials machen? so langsam will ich jetzt echt auch einsteigen ins shufflen… weils mir auch einfach was bedeutet, wenn ich zu ner geilen musik auch tanzen kann, und nicht (so wie bis jetzt zumindest) einfach i.wie auf der musik drauf rumhakken … πŸ˜€

    wΓ€r ne schicke aktion.

    PS: respekt,, perfektes video !

  17. strippingcthulhu says:

    Wow, you have a really smooth, natural, and amazing style to watch.

  18. Hey could u do a tutorial video on how you do the extreme spin please? Cause i’ve tried myself and it looks wrong everytime and i can’t seem to find a tutorial on “extreme spin”. And since you’re doing it so perfectly could u make fast tut vid please :D?

  19. StomperJayzon says:

    Woaooaoaoaoaoaoaaahhhh!!!! Tune!!! <3 voolll geil alta πŸ˜€

  20. MONST3RANG3L says:

    niceeeee!!! awsome track

  21. @xXKurogane666Xx

    just post them πŸ™‚

  22. xXKurogane666Xx says:

    hey wud you be ok if i put a few of your vids on my myspace cuz YOUR AWESOME!!! ..i have like a collection of all my favorite shuffling videos


  23. ZirDerick says:


  24. Schopfwachtel says:

    OHNE SCHEIsss jetzt !
    ich habe gerade den pc hochgefahren und mir so gedacht.
    der morlokx kΓΆnnte auch mal wieder was neues uploaden :DD
    fettes video.
    mann merkt wirklich wie viel dir das shufflen und die musik bedeutet
    Greetz Amenox

  25. Night19940607 says:

    yeah man awesome:=)
    i like your unique style:)

  26. ExclusivePunishment says:

    @dmitrii619 It’s called the T-Step actually retard, but everybody just calls it the “shuffle” because you’re shuffling your feet.

  27. kokoka852 says:

    what up with your giant pants

  28. deejay323 says:

    thnx man i need to refresh my memory because out of no where i started sucking at my shuffling! 0_o
    btw where did u buy ur phats!!!

  29. hazwan42 says:

    thx man, i will try that after

  30. 1sademokid says:

    thanks alot any tips ?
    from others

  31. ThehardCoreLover says:

    Thx mate πŸ™‚ I will try that! ;D

  32. I34DI30Y says:

    you have to keep practicing to slower music, untill you dont have to think anymore about your feet’s movement, then you can try to turn the musik off and speed everything up a little bit
    But very important: It’ll take a lot of time πŸ˜‰

  33. dkgamble34 says:

    u can get stuff like them at hot topic. they remind me of the gothic style pants that were big at one time. at least they are makin a comeback lol

  34. 000R0d0Lf0000 says:


  35. ThehardCoreLover says:

    damn, its hard to keep up with the running man, with the beat, its going to fast for my legs… any tips ? πŸ˜›

  36. hinatasomthin says:

    wat kind of pant are those? i kant find any in that kind of style! i look them up and skinny jeans pop up und i dun wants skinny jeans

  37. crazshuffler says:

    and faster

  38. crazshuffler says:

    hey man is there any tips you can give me to get my running man smoother

  39. crazshuffler says:

    very good tutorial extreamly helpful

  40. hillninja says:

    Time to Rock – Headhunterz

  41. What’s the name of this song ? Love it! ^^

  42. CASiceWAWA says:

    thx alot, its really very helpful for newbie like me πŸ™‚ But the rotate 90′ is really so hard T_T

  43. bummchumm says:

    i can do the kick with right foot but im unco with left lol

  44. Relikan123 says:


  45. KuroRisk says:

    Whats the name of the first song?

  46. monsimand says:

    ty for laern me 2 shuffle, i still suck, but im bether

  47. by far one of the best tutorials, helped me a bunch mate, thanks

  48. EternalTheft says:

    I know this part is easy..but how do you put all the moves together?

  49. monsimand says:

    thanks alot, it was cuz you, i begin shuffle, how do my shuffle look, hwat can i do bether, look at my chanel

  50. TerasbetoniMetal6666 says:

    When you do the RM do you have to have both foots flat on the ground?