E-Force - Who The Hell Are You (HQ Preview) Download: www.hardstyle.com More information: scantraxx.com http www.twitter.com www.facebook.com

24 Responses to “E-Force – Who The Hell Are You (HQ Preview)”

  1. webcaster1 says:

    dreamfields 2012 here im coming!!!!!

  2. ;D Beat Providers <3 Wonderland ^.^

  3. Knuckletz says:

    nice track at 3:14 mins is the typical dj luna second hard lead sound 😛

  4. The7Jakki says:

    That is true, in fact he’s been on Scantraxx since 2009, under his old alias with his friend, they were the Beat Providers 🙂

  5. Th3KarmaUploads says:

    @Cinto3050 lol

  6. lallelin says:

    I am me?

    sincerly me

  7. FiestaOnlinexEncore says:

    E – MAZING

  8. NerdyVic287 says:

    But I want the song today!……..LOL fail

  9. maatingTV says:

    I somehow don’t get this joke, what’s up with it?

  10. TamettaianDJ says:

    Release date: 23 jan 2038


  12. He’s been there for over a year.

  13. lars38010 says:

    i got it :)

  14. Cinto3050 says:

    im a shaman talking to the gods of Azeroth :3

  15. HBproperty says:

    Yes, I call it Slowtraxx. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the tracks, they’re just slow with uploading. I also posted that comment because it fits the name of the song. Who the hell are you? -I am Slowtraxx. Get it? 🙂

  16. lars38010 says:

    yes if you call it slowtraxx 🙁

  17. hi my name is REDOX, I just started making hardstyle and I would like to hear your opinion about , thanks in advance 🙂

  18. MrAutiste95 says:

    E Force is going to be much famous, trust me…

  19. HBproperty says:

    Did I say that? 😉 (Y)

  20. lars38010 says:

    dont listen to scantraxx if you dont like it 🙁

  21. @Daveytl indd.. fail0r @dutch2controll

  22. LOLWUT!? Ten eerste is dit absoluut wel soft, dat vind ik overigens helemaal niet erg. Leuk nummertje. Ten tweede heeft dit veel minder weg van de originele Hardstyle (early) dan de (meeste) rauwere nummers. Dus dat Hardcore- statement kun je ook gelijk de prullenbak in gooien.

  23. Addicted2BassMedia says:

    Subscribe to the artist channels and your approximately 1 month ahead of the Scantraxx channel. So yes they are slow with previews.

  24. lars38010 says:

    ok if so people call this slowtraxx dont listen to scantraxx!!!!!!