RATE-- COMMENT--SUBSCRIBE-- Just rockin out to some electro Subscribe for top 10 electro music comming soon. Off beat in some parts, i was shuffling to different music.. shuffles pretty dead here in sydney but i still love it Tecktonik isnt that good but im gonna throw it in there anyway lol enjoy!

This is my third Hardstyle Mix i only put my favorite songs and parts in it. I hope you enjoy it. Rate and Comment please. For the Songnames look the video! Greetz Apo

39 Responses to “Electro dance – shuffle + tecktonik – new best electro music”

  1. CreckAndNOorth says:

    michael jackson generation 2011 lol!

  2. snyderxsj says:

    me gustaria aprender a bailar de esa forma.. kien me pasa 1 video donde se pueda aprender .. 😀


    tell me the names of songs?

  4. juan6525jiji says:

    Ta bUeNoOOOoooOO!!!!

  5. eXxtrazZz says:

    0:10 :Dd nice shoes.. :DDDD

  6. aseloxmii says:

    ok thank you very much and the first issue? and good video

  7. breaknrox1 says:

    @aseloxmii its in my other video ‘september mix’

  8. aseloxmii says:

    as it is called the second theme?? 🙂

  9. aseloxmii says:

    preguntaa qomo se llama el 2 tema??

  10. MurdererFilms says:

    you deserve way more views XDD
    what songs are they?

  11. DuDe the video was very cool, be so all the time 😉 ))) +1 I like it !!

  12. arthursimpkins says:

    i like the move at 1:54 im going to have to take tht 4rm u srry 🙂

  13. SamyBellerose says:

    Electro shuffle rules !!! …. Tecktonik suck

  14. technochick505 says:

    @breaknrox1 u got gud style 😉

  15. breaknrox1 says:

    lol thank you. i actually think my tektonik’s pretty average, i just threw it in there for laughs

  16. technochick505 says:

    at first i thought u were a try hard but dude you got heaps of talent!!!!!!, best techtoniking i have ever seen :O

  17. seacean23 says:

    man ur dance style, ur shuffle is 100% pro…. ur Tecktonik is 99.99% practice more.
    waiting 4 ur new videos =]

  18. breaknrox1 says:

    @PsychoHarry thanks heaps man

  19. PsychoHarry says:

    this is awesome.. I love your style man..

  20. breaknrox1 says:

    @MrDiofree its an electro remix by dave darell. good song

  21. Sick dancing though!!

  22. Euhh. how is Take me Away electro?

  23. beltofawetfish says:

    savage bit of shufflin there love the bit near the end

  24. breaknrox1 says:

    @wtfzor9999 thanks man! .. glad u like it

  25. wtfzor9999 says:

    man theres not many decent electros glad i saw this vid your damn good electro <3

  26. Hardstyl3zftw says:

    wheres the download link? rly want it:D plz send it to me

  27. skaterforlife999 says:

    Go on google and type in “youtube to mp3 converter” and dowload that. you can get anything off youtube. just the audio. when u download stuff it wont take the video with it. its perfect for mixes and just plain old songs u like. but yeah download it try it out 😀 pm me what you think

  28. CarmiiRoxz says:

    wicked mix mate trying to get hold of your songs is hard tho cant download this mix Great job tho

  29. Holunderbuschfee says:

    Hammer Mix einfahc nur geil !!!! 😀

  30. DoMii1234 says:

    wööd geiL XD


  31. rootbeer108 says:

    how come this mix is not for down load
    and i love ur mixes
    the best ever!!!!!

  32. Clubberboy says:

    Awesomeee Hardstyle TiLL I DiE

  33. BoerBertus says:

    im in love with you, im going to watch and rate 5 stars every single mix of yours 😛

  34. rrEaliTyy says:


  35. rhinoskater says:

    its the same tune as stairway to heaven but yeah, your right its a good song

  36. IaMs0cReAtivE says:

    nice mix.

  37. HardstyleRockez says:

    niceeee job dude… like this mix alsoo…


  39. 1990MicroIce says:

    bleeding for the harder styles is a f..king good song 😀