Just a Electro shuffle for 2010 PART 2. This will prob be one of my last vids lols due to being too busy at school and trying to get on with my life lol. well ill see you all around soon:) Dedicated to Mirjanaaaa!!!:D mwaa! Comment RateThumbs up! Subscribeeee
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Hi, brothers! It is a year I start to shuffle. Shuffle is a really fun dance. Have a nice day.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Krashevil says:

    This vid is 2 years old but still beast!

  2. XxBlackPythonxX says:

    best shuffler ever :D !!!

  3. aurorashufflez says:

    I hope to be as good as you one day ;L So clean fast and on the beat. Looks like your floating have the time ahaha. Watched this so long ago now and i startd electro because of you! 🙂 Biggest inspiration man thank you!

  4. widget220 says:

    Actually the song is Chris Lake – Changes (Dirty South Remix)

  5. ShunHagino says:

    Song name founded : Private – Secret love (Spencer & Hill remix)

  6. irepic69 says:

    I shuffle to hardstyle but I’d sacrifice that ability for this any day >.>

  7. @perfection12931 Because he is good >:)

  8. MrThekingjake505 says:

    Nice choice buddy 🙂

  9. sxcmark0h says:

    @perfection12931 2000 subscribers lol and i duno?

  10. hellokittyshufflers says:

    12 people’ are just jealous. Good job’!

  11. smok81199 says:

    all i can say is wat a BEAAASSTT:) MAD RESPECT BRO!

  12. Dude, this was unreal 🙂 only part I can criticise is use better arm movements, but that was truly brilliant 🙂 -Graeme’


    please check out or shuffle vids (: thanks so much ,

  14. sxcmark0h says:

    thanks man, i really appreciate it :D

  15. sublimebanger says:

    bro im a bannger from 10 yr ago and you have fuckn nailed the best shuffle of all time, the shuffle wasnt even classed as shuffleing back then and its great to see that atleast one of the new generation has brought ,, this style back to life., your in our class bro its called old school banngers, and the people that have commented with up most disrespect are all fuckn jelous,they can keep doing tap pause kick slide heal and toe, good on ya bro, keep this alive its off tap.

  16. mcbeny1 says:

    Can you immagine to watch this vid. with 3D ? XD

  17. nathan8BIT says:

    Any tutorial on how to do this particular style of shuffle?

  18. yankeee922 says:

    This is kinda stupid. Just thought, respect shuffle and respect electro, dont combine them.

  19. xXSTeVeNJuArEzXx says:

    That was beast!!!!!

  20. quinndawg2 says:

    This is what I aspire to be

  21. plasticine86 says:


  22. plasticine86 says:

    Amazing. I’m a shuffler myself, been shuffling for about 4 months and i’ve progressed a ton. At first I tried the whole hardstyle shuffle, but just couldn’t get the slides and running man down. Later I realized that i’m naturally an “oldschool” shuffler as the electro shuffle and oldschool shuffle started gaining more popularity than hardstyle.

  23. HassanMagedable says:


  24. TheHardstyls says:

    nice vid. dude

  25. MaDogIU says:

    두번째 스타일 사랑합니다!!

  26. bayern1994full says:

    please 2:08 song

  27. bayern1994full says:

    this is song 1:27 Technoboy – Next Dimensional World

  28. anthony3leaves says:

    song @ 1:27 please?

  29. SoundJunkieVlog says:

    Does it really matter that he’s Korean?

    Should I be putting “White shuffle” on any dance vids I might decide to upload?

  30. kizuo39571 says:


  31. CaMeRoNJAGAA says:


  32. bayern1994full says:

    please 2:08 song

  33. 22sungho says:

    올~~ 님 좀 하시는대?

  34. cathyherker says:

    오 오빠 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  35. kjdragon07 says:

    brazil aki ó xD shuffle é nois

  36. IKikoCortez says:

    Thnkz again, and same to you!

  37. isaacthegrape says:

    Yup, it’s all the Melbourne Shuffle. Enjoy, and keep Shuffling!

  38. IKikoCortez says:

    Yeah, yeah MSO is great, and now i know lots more. thankz! and no, i dont dance/shuffle to impress. If i shuffle, i shuffle with groups, maybe i have appeared in a shuffle session/meetup. but i doubt id find myself. ;P
    and yeah Melbourne is simply the name of the dance, and Malaysian is siimilar, though still reffered to as Melbourne right? Cus im inlove with Malaysian!

  39. isaacthegrape says:

    Did you actually look at website? There’s no difference’ between “Hardstyle Shuffle” and someone dancing the Melbourne Shuffle to hardstyle. The Melbourne Shuffle is a dance theory; it has no set speed, music, or movements. There are some basic concepts like the Running Man and the Shuffle and that’s it. Seriously, if you haven’t already spend a good hour or two on MSO. Read everything. On a related note: do you have any shuffling videos featuring yourself?

  40. IKikoCortez says:

    aaaaah, yeah i knew that it originated in melbourne. though what about hardstyle? i know hardstyle is just the music, althought over the years ive seen hardstyle shuffle been created. its like melbourne. only slightly faster… or cold just be the illusion since the music is fast. but idk.

  41. isaacthegrape says:

    (continued from first post) The website itself is sightly disorganised but contains much information, much like the Melbourne Shuffle itself.

  42. isaacthegrape says:

    It’s called the Melbourne Shuffle because it originated from the Australian city of Melbourne. Nether of us where around when the Melbourne Shuffle was born, but I know someone who was. The guys name is Gary Shepherd and he runs the website Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool. He’s been in the shuffle scene since it’s creation in the 90’s and has devoted a large portion of his life to recording the history of the underground years of the Shuffle.

  43. IKikoCortez says:

    Melbourne is the city… you cant say hes Melbourne shhuffling… since he lives in South Korea and is Korean. IDK why they came up with calling everything Melbourne… gets annoying. oh and Melbourne is more foot work.. hard to explain but i saw it in this one video. wich actually was took in the city of Melbourne, Australia. search in youtube/google.

  44. thats noob!!!!!
    come see malaysia

  45. isaacthegrape says:

    Nice Shuffling. If you like shuffling keep doing it for as long as you want. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. That is what the Melbourne Shuffle is about.

  46. hotplate8 says:

    lol how come speedodevo in the vid too 🙂

  47. Kaizokuchop says:

    Thanks bro .

  48. HDKBaxxDeny says:

    Kamui - Electro Slut