-1.1 years of shuffling- Shufflers: +Justice [Kahala//HI] +Funky [Oak Harbor//WA] +Keola [Hilo//HI] Hypnotize (Cold Blank Remix)- Notorious BIG Put On My Raving Kicks (Cold Blank Remix)- Aniki Back Up In This (Cold Blank Remix)- Designer Drugs
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25 Responses to “Electro Shuffle Hawaii 3”

  1. Maxy656 says:

    Taria para qe me meta a bailar con ust .. Yo tmb bailo asi de mortalaso .. Dejo Mi fb Fb::Séé Maxí

  2. spacemandriver says:

    Yeah UH campus!!!!!

  3. kalitoable says:

    I really like your videos, and I’m learning a little more of his footsteps, I would like to go up a tutorial but in parts of slow motion, because the former is somewhat faster,, cool I like your videos upload more

  4. larasardine06 says:

    very nice vids guys!!!!! try to do a shuffle vidéo on this song:”overwerk” odyssey ;)!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. XiiaoJiang says:

    I request a shuffle tutorial on your spins Justice!!! :DDD
    CUZ THEY THE BEST SHIT EVER !*@&!@^&*^$!*@&!@!^#!&@%!^&@%!^&@%!^&@%

    P.S. if it’s possible, I would like Funky to answer this question :
    Are you the dude in this vid? LOL Because your styles are completely identical from my point of view.


  6. aldair1901 says:

    likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee greeeeaaaatttt

  7. jamesdizzle420 says:

    reverse running man tutorial yours are the sickest

  8. TheeAssViolator says:

    That can’t be good for the knees

  9. MrToftheL says:

    Hey man, great job. I love your style and laid back you seem about it all. The hat sh*t is cool too haha :]



  10. erjepee says:


  11. azza0962 says:

    This video is really nice 0o,I’m workin’ on electro shuffle for like 4 months :P,postin’ up vid. soon:D
    for a tutorial i would like to see:
    *dual-steps with hops.
    *Tha most wanted,Running man of yours thats all i need, i need to get them to a professional level*-*

  12. supreme1193 says:

    @ 0:23 Wacthout keola. . .

  13. coloradomor29 says:


  14. jayskisroundtop says:

    if you do tutorials you should demonstrate the moves facing away from us, all those movements get confusing when the lefts and rights are flipped for two different feet if you were looking at the camera. that would be mad helpful. and also, take er slow! 😀

  15. karpunit says:

    Justice.. dear Justice and Jimmy… i have words with you.. please make a tutorials on everything basic and advanced….. the movements yall do are sick.. and second we need to sesh!!!!!!!!!! hella good though guys hella good

  16. drumlove87 says:

    Justice. You my friend, can dance 🙂 

  17. BioHazardCorperation says:

    train your skills 😉 how long are u shuffling yet?

  18. whocareswututhink says:

    what’s that one move you do @ 1:01, 1:09, 1:26 and 1:35? Is that a reverse t-step or just a regular t-step behind one leg?

  19. DGSuberatletica says:

    charleston and all kinds of running man you do lol pwease? :D?

  20. whocareswututhink says:

    if you could, you should totally do tutorials on:
    - spins
    – t-step (advanced and beginner possibly? (yours is ridiculous btw :D)
    – reverse and delayed running man
    – not sure if you were doing a hardstep thing or charleston or both but it looked awesome and you should def. tutorial that lol

    your vids never cease to amaze me.

  21. ch0ke100 says:

    your spins are good but I am personally more interested in a runningman reverse tut.
    I am already shuffling but I’m not content with my rm reverse yet and want to improve it.

    regards from europe!

  22. wiktoria579 says:


  23. shikamaru789 says:

    strate killing it again proud you guys rep hawaii haha 808 all day! see you at lovefest lolz

  24. saginiynn says:

    like justice
    good steps
    perfect video ^^

  25. supersooshi says:

    i want to learn how each of you guys do your own spins.