just a little vid at stereo, had to put an electro song to it coz of the slow shuffling. enjoy.

25 Responses to “elle shuffling at stereosonic 09”

  1. PIaystationGuy says:

    LOL nice shuffle girl! lookin fineeeeeeee

  2. i wish david guetta was really dead

  3. ha ha ha 25 years behind!!!!!!

  4. cupcaakes says:

    Loved when you did the duo shuffling with the girl. Dope!

  5. why does everyone mkae shuffling gay by wearing those huge baggy neon pants? obviously you gotta be like zyzz and wear tight fitting clothing, it’sa wesome

  6. BicepBraah says:

    Anywhere where Zyzz is mentioned your going to see hot chicks. This is one of them. Zyzz bless us all.

  7. AtraxTrh says:

    why is everybody talking about zyzz here???

  8. Kendrickk1 says:

    I wanna learn to shuffle :/

  9. yourstruly889 says:

    would smash/10

  10. richardm80 says:

    i dont know why she was saying she doesn’t know who zyzz is then she says rip zyzz n stuff

  11. @brendanstewartmetro ??

  12. rename the video – girl does running man for a whole minute.

    also who even shuffles at stereo

  13. bet he got to slam and stretch that joocy snatch

  14. gtowntreyble says:

    so fucking hot.

  15. I would fuck the shit out of this girl

  16. BestSroPLayer says:

    this isnt zyzz

  17. chris34513451 says:

    did zyzz tap dat ass?

  18. JumpStyle212 says:

    we all came here for one reason? shuffle! you sick bastards haha

  19. Thesenseoftouchc says:

    I never got my eyes of her legs

  20. variety does not hurt. shuffling has more than 2 moves.

  21. beastmodex10 says:

    what do want you it to be? all T step?

  22. beastmodex10 says:

    what do want it to be? all T step?

  23. so much phucking running man

  24. CmonWhyNot says:

    Could watch this video forever

  25. noobztidie says:

    wtf, were you zyzz’s girlfriend?