song- i have no idea lol
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Song: The One 2009 by Mike Nero
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Elle shuffling august 09”

  1. adisa091 says:

    You fuckn joocy.

  2. anonymootle says:

    I mean this in the nicest way… but it’s hard to look at your shuffling when your boobs move so much lol. I got that guy curse.

  3. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    Hey Elle! <3
    You are in my "Girl Shuffle Compilation 2012 PART 2"!

  4. juicers1 says:

    you still got the moves shuffle elle 😛

  5. perladactyl says:

    just do it. i searched basic shuffling steps and practiced ALL THE TIME. you get ur own style once you know the basic steps.

  6. perladactyl says:

    wtf are you tryin to say?

  7. thechildrenzplace says:

    how does one start shuffling?

  8. Allyouneedisdance says:

    Very good shuffle ^^

  9. ParadoxxTwo says:

    OH CUTE NICE VID ! we give together feat? 🙂 If so, Facebook: ParadoXx shuffler
    like ^^

  10. Asianboy950 says:

    I wanna see her do hardstyle ;)

  11. JuneyahSucker says:

    hot bitch

  12. tyronevx says:

    your good! 😀

  13. steven54657 says:

    Epic!! One of the best shuffle girls out there 🙂

  14. chocoladereep1 says:

    girl your shuffling skills are so great my girlfriend wants to learn to shuffle now 🙂
    im greatful^^

  15. Dobeowns says:

    im mirin

  16. you will eventually… try adding a beer or two to your practice schedule and trust me it really loosens you up…

    keep practicing… it’s so fun once it all comes together, i promise! =D

  17. Kaeldrom says:

    @shuffelle When you next putting a vid up, Your amazing seen a few of your vids now<3

  18. Kaeldrom says:

    Your amazing:), when you next putting vids up? x

  19. SirFunkyMonkey says:


  20. elderpratt says:

    Just learned about shuffling recently, and you’re def one of my favs to watch! You’re freakin awesome at this!….I still can’t quite get the hang of it.

  21. nice style…

    are you chewing on something or did you just pop a pill and start dancing? xD

  22. ady2mora says:

    nice work

  23. plasticsandvich92 says:

    she’s gorgeous 😀

  24. Tweaker8800 says:

    nice style go Elle

  25. Appledergeilehengst says:

    boobs <3

  26. Girlymakeupgirl143 says:

    watch mah shuffle video! (its called rainbo shuffle) on my channel! (im only 10 and i alwas wonder if i can shuffle)

  27. sugerbaby654 says:

    shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee goes hardstyle

  28. marcjay30 says:

    Your style is so smooth and your transitions are on spot. I mean u dance it seems like your so in tune with the music, Its very refreshing to watch you dance, keep perfecting your craft. Please make new videos.

  29. 4kicksjess says:

    I want to know how many times you have hit your shin on that table corner >.< I am cringing everytime you get near it!

  30. harleybart says:

    wish you had a better camera, i love it but it’s fusy.

  31. CFA44Raptor says:

    WoW nice shuffle : )

  32. ayoria92 says:

    i love it!

  33. ayoria92 says:

    La mejor!! sin duda

  34. TheTaydak says:

    i think there is only really one thing to say here WOW o/

  35. ayoria92 says:

    wwowwwww OMG! I LOVE U!

  36. diglightdig says:

    So good…can’t take my eyes off her

  37. pearl82209 says:

    -I like this one ^.<3

  38. unamaxify says:

    is there no gravity in you house ?

  39. sykostrat says:

    hi look you’re amazing add more videos i rally would love to see more from you thinks

  40. idiotnoobbum says:

    youre really good! how long did it take you to get to this standard?

  41. MrPublic92 says:

    owwww XD i need to know the song name !!!
    i am so saaaaad

  42. n1ckaaaa888 says:

    the best long little techno shuffle i’ve ever seen ! 🙂

  43. AlmightehChay says:

    Shufflin’ like it’s meant to be done! Am so happy!

  44. harebear says:


  45. DasLoeffel says:

    Just wanted you to know I love your dancing. And you always look like you have so much fun while doing it. Actually I’m trying to learn how to shuffle myself after watching you 😀
    Keep up the good stuff you’re awesome.

  46. ichigoichie4 says:


  47. roflepiclol says:

    bouncy boobs bouncy boobs bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun 😀 😀 😀

  48. SuperPatrickjames says:

    happy christmas and new year this as been the best exmas present watching you move wow beautiful mover and pretty too xxx hugz

  49. MrLyntoniuS says:

    Potent Stuff!

  50. DjZynox says:

    what programm you did use for edit this video?