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25 Responses to “EPIC Melbourne Shuffle!”

  1. hehe you guys are funny XD

  2. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    @NameToRemember72 normal as in lmfao shuffle?… no way bro

  3. NameToRemember72 says:

    ummm i thought this was going to be the melbourne not the normal shuffle

  4. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    @LoLNift Old video homie, we were just learning here!

  5. Jesus, get the music synced or learn to hear the beats :S

  6. hisfavoritebrunette says:

    I likey 🙂 now I just have to learn to do this :-/ lol

  7. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    @TheTOPProductions the pitcher – this is who we are 🙂

  8. TheTOPProductions says:

    pretty good :) what’s the second song? the melody is epic :3

  9. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    @FlabbyTheJuice hahaha jk jk i meant to send that to him! lololololol

  10. FAYTification says:

    @FlabbyTheJuice me? or him? lol

  11. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    @FAYTification Dude ur the definition of a troll!

  12. FAYTification says:

    @5pac3c0w60y I wasn’t trolling. I don’t troll

  13. 5pac3c0w60y says:

    @FAYTification old comment. troll.

  14. 5pac3c0w60y says:

    @FAYTification haha yea.

  15. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    @FAYTification ya!

  16. FAYTification says:

    @5pac3c0w60y old video. troll

  17. FAYTification says:

    @AaJoIV this video is oooold and we were joking we don’t have anything against theater and me and many others think we have talent.

  18. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    @AaJoIV ya i guess ur right! :p but were werent messing around we were seriously trying to dance :'(

  19. Theater nerds? Your cool. Really I love the shuffle and would never do theater but seriously don’t make fun of others talents. Especially when you don’t have any and mess around in videos thinking you’re funny.

  20. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    @death2ipod hahaha ya i wasnt so good then, really hard to hit the beat check out the new videos i do a much better job!

  21. death2ipod says:

    i likes i likes…but sadly i didn’t feel you feel the beat…but still better than what i can do so props :]

  22. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    @justcallmemrmetal thx man someone who gets it :)

  23. justcallmemrmetal says:

    Nice shuffling! I love how you didnt just make this shuffling, you made it entertaining even when you’re not shuffling, looks like you had a lot of fun making this video. Take care and cheers!

  24. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    @5pac3c0w60y good excuse for someone who has been completely rude themselves

  25. 5pac3c0w60y says:

    @FlabbyTheJuice and as for videos, no sorry i don’t go post something that would just waste someone elses time. i’m not rude like some people can be.