Awesome hardstyle song made by Exis

15 Responses to “Exis – Four Stages (Original Mix)”

  1. XxRandomBishxX says:

    I just eargasmed.

  2. ChucklesKiid says:

    Heard better :L

  3. Goth615 says:

    idk what to say but real mix i hope they keep it up this way

  4. formskiftern says:

    yiir ;)

  5. Ijayyxetheshuffler says:

    i agree hardstyle = shuffle all out

  6. roseschixqz says:

    I remember dis picture, I used it on my animation in school. anyway nice music!

  7. terranovaRETRO says:

    best music (Y)(L) i like it

  8. KaczyProcederdzidek8 says:

    o kurwa jaki rozpierdol:D:D szacun tablety i jedziemy:P

  9. 22Kode22 says:

    got a Download link? =D

  10. TheZealina says:

    Exis for ever !!!!!:-)

  11. sisisisis

  12. Reminds me of Lazer tag… love it

  13. DjMatt199411 says:

    wwaahhttaaafukk, SO GOOD

  14. ugotmeagain says:

    hes from aussie land i know him go jono

  15. formskiftern says:

    omg nice musik dude!!!! i love it! SHUFFLE TIME!!!^^