F around SHUFFLE part4!!!with OG shuffler(new dude) FrO wasint on the video but we got back up lmao visit are new site unitedshufflersofamerica.forumdes.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “F around SHUFFLE part4”

  1. ntngirl95 says:

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  2. speedwave – zhangar

  3. SeaStriker says:

    whats the first song called?

  4. ShuffleIsLife says:

    1:52. Fav song

  5. 45barto22 says:

    is it a coinsidence that u stayed on the section u shuffled on waz wet.

    prty good

  6. HungryHamster09 says:

    lol the big dude made me die ROFL!!!

  7. sk8er342 says:

    Haha big black takes too much breaks, Nice shuffle bro, feels great to have you on the crew ^_^


  8. InTheShuffle says:



  9. Aking1337 says:

    i thoroughly enjoyed the video as well as your friend. Tell your friend to honestly keep up the good work and keep practicing. One tip that im might help him is he rotates the hips

  10. my god your so good!
    & your pretty cute! 🙂

  11. <3 the black guy.

    [non homo]

  12. sk8er342 says:

    hes hispanic u cunt

  13. sk8er342 says:

    lol big black looked like he was about to die xD

    but its all good hes great for beginer
    gotta love that guy 😀


  14. sick broooooo

  15. yeah lol

  16. WickedFlip890 says:

    what a beast ! lol
    your friend is g00D

  17. iBzRockyy says:


  18. NICE VID!!


  19. tnx bro 🙂

  20. Graet one!

  21. slick moonwalk dude
    awesome shuffling, nice work

    btw, your friend is awesome 😛

  22. colonel101 says:

    dude your slides have gotten like 100x’s better

    good shit dude!!


  23. halo2rules1 says:

    Fuckin SICK
    vIdeo 5/5


  24. Jiimmaayy says:

    Awesome the video is.

  25. jamesbazzle91 says:

    Damn dude! He got into it!!