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25 Responses to “~Fantute* shuffle & Bigest dedication ;**~ [Edited by aXu]”

  1. technozocker says:

    very nice vid and a beautiful girl 🙂 !!!

  2. mastachiefs49 says:

    8 people can’t shuffle =_______=

  3. xxobbypure1184xx says:

    lol when girl shuffle … bouncy bouncy 😀

  4. KILnobody says:

    i wanna shuffle with ya 😀

  5. @stickydoughbaker do texans even rave ? i thought theres like countrey and hip hop , rave parties are like hip hop partys in europe most people dont care for that

  6. SunSouthern says:

    Also mal ehrlich – Klasse Braut, klasse Shuffle. Da will man nur noch eins, mittanzen. 🙂

  7. lilpitts88 says:

    great music and video editing…best female shuffle i have seen : )

  8. ilove2shuffle says:

    What is the second song? I’d like to know.

  9. stephencoxismint says:

    is there any way you could come o england and teach me 😛

  10. fightingtemptation1 says:

    SEX ON A DANCEFLOOR, i dont know whats hotter you or ya shuffle

  11. ShuffleSarul says:

    1:08 those pants look like schranz pants and not really like Phatt pants… O.o

  12. SpiritchaosDX says:

    I like her pants and socks or shoes or whatever is on her feet.

    Great shuffle too.

  13. SpiritchaosDX says:

    I like her pants and socks or shoes or whatever is on her feet.

    Great shufflen’ too.

  14. faxwingard says:

    for one time i didn’t stare at her booty ? i watched her shuffle

    awesome work ;D

  15. axujenas video 🙂

  16. This girl is werri cool

  17. lesnicek22 says:

    kto ma to nauci ? 🙁 🙁

  18. lesnicek22 says:

    aj ja chcem kto ma to nauci ? 🙁

  19. HardStylinSinz says:

    Second Song ? i know its like a eurodancer remix but cant find it anywhere o_o.. Awesome Shuffle 2 thumbs Up

  20. oOillillOo says:

    @stickydoughbaker i jsut watch vids online and try to learn from them. tutorials are nice to start with and then just find moves you like and try them and see if they fit you.

  21. tamuxxx44551 says:

    ne kiek shuffles o visokie palinkejimai……

  22. ur damn hot : )

  23. MSMCchile says:

    Great stuff.
    Nice style you have.

    We like it.

    Greetings from Chile.

  24. BoyCharlieN1 says:

    what is the name of second song? please

  25. DjNewbster says:

    wkddddddddd keep it up and keep them coming u got fans england an we all love it 😛

    peace Newbster