F@$ K Yea Girl Shuffle Compilation [SONGLIST RELEASED]

F@$ K Yea Girl Shuffle Compilation A Compilation of Some Very Talented Girl Shufflers Out Their. these chicks rock it hard and r stepping it up for the guys ;). comment,rate,subscribe SONGLIST amplify - all i want Blutonium Boy - Hardstyle Superstar Mozzy man - only Dj Gius - Things to Do solja boy hardstyle showtek - Born 4 Thiz Lisa Lashes, Alex Kidd & Kidd Kaos - New Religion Isaac James - Darker Shades Of White the rebelz - growl Showtek - We Speak Music Dj andypoo - Poision karpe-dm hardstyle rockstar im naked 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “F@$K Yea Girl Shuffle Compilation [SONGLIST RELEASED]”

  1. The girl at 1:06 …….holy shit she’s good. A little liquid thrown in there.

  2. randylaurenallien says:

    hey! the one at 4:06 is in her place.

  3. MrJeremy244 says:

    i liked all of them but the first one the most

  4. Girl in car ramp hawt !

  5. girls who can shuffle like guys are awesome. i hate girls who shuffle really slow. it’s annoying. like the first 2 were awesome cuz the bpm was faster

  6. is it just me or are most of them off-rhythm… ?

  7. Joannaambrocio says:


  8. xDheNgzTxD says:

    4:50 <3 yeaaaa roxXx hard ..

  9. FletcherWolfe says:

    6 I ment 6

  10. zeldakid67 says:

    4:10 the only one doing it right.

  11. CarnageFan says:

    4:28 gets it

  12. sushi

  13. hellowhat12345 says:


  14. DisturbingRainbow says:

    The feminist kind. 

  15. sniperone505 says:

    What song is the third girl dancing too?

  16. victoria79108 says:

    I liked the 3rd chick the best but they were honestly all really good.

  17. LakersChampsLa says:

    go SUSHI get down girl

  18. FletcherWolfe says:

    Alright I have to say I though Girl ^ was the best out of all of them

  19. VictimSkateGroup says:

    Her feet are moving, but nowhere near the kitchen…

    What kind of sorcery is this?!

  20. xWindrise says:

    Sushiashdiashdiashidhas <3! The best o_o

  21. ralphrojas777 says:

    rowena is cute ^.^ but sushi looks like she was in fast forward X100 lol

  22. scion4207 says:

    I was like Damn when i saw the third girl but then when i sew the next to girl after her i was like O Shit! all of them were good!

  23. darefrozen123 says:

    Sushi wus the best shuffler but the third girl wus the sexiest <3 I want that girl ...

  24. argentinasoldier says:

    keep up shuffling!