This is a tribute to the great shuffler, i have ever seen, called TMS Francis, he's doing the the moves so good, that he deserves a tribute. It's just the 3 videos called F@&K YEAH SHUFFLE, all in 1 video 😀

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29 Responses to “F@%K YEAH SHUFFLE PT 1-2-3”

  1. zombinater43 says:

    Pt. two is hand down the best and I’ve never seen a better shuffled yet!!

  2. awegjlappenaeofgihn says:

    Songname of part 3 ?

  3. koolaidmangiggity says:

    if i could do that i would never walk…..

  4. MarcoIsDeMan1 says:

    he is flipping with his arms :XD

  5. JudedarkWolf says:

    screw logic, he steps forward to go backward. 😀

  6. imiMPacT1 says:

    wtf… wtf happened to friction?

  7. Lolcat235 says:

    What the fuck I peed my pants this person is so good at shufling

  8. yocefoce says:

    Nema problema!

  9. TheMangalover15 says:

    OMG thank uuuuu!!

  10. yocefoce says:

    He’s YouTube channel is called: “BassCaptivesFrancis”.. Or something like that!

  11. djagentdark says:

    stereophobia – dark oscillators

     superstar dj -dark oscillators

  12. TheMangalover15 says:

    moonwalk+shuffle= francis~<333... seriously i've fallen for dis guy ^/////^

  13. ViolentJwillrise says:

    song from part 2?

  14. einsteinify1 says:

    how can u say ‘very good’, ‘shuffling god’ is the right one

  15. einsteinify1 says:

    i have an asian frend, he shuffles cool, bt nt as good as this, hes 10 and he shuffles nearly like a pro, he shuffled 1 time to party rock anthem and 4 girls wanted him, imagine this guy, hes probably dated and fucked every hot chick in his country

  16. EgaoKage says:

    Shufflers are not given enough credit. Some are better than others, where showmanship is concerned… Francis is among the best.

    I think it’s funny that the world considers performers like Michael Jackson or Fred Astaire to be ‘the best dancers of our time’ but, in my opinion, even the -average- Shuffler ranks higher.

    On a side-note; check out Dick Van Dike sometime. He could tear it up, for an ‘old-timey’ song & dance guy. If he was alive today, …he’d be shuffling! ^_~

  17. sickheaddj says:

    ‘cose of him, i did start shuffling and never let it get down

  18. conutach says:

    dam strait this dude is da downtown fuckystuff anyways man keep it up

  19. Sibiriuss says:

    How old is Francis?

  20. hcbrhardstylebrasil says:

    The best shuffle of the world <3

  21. whotrulybelongshere says:

    So god -DOES- exist. @.@ …and Francis said, “Let there be Shuffle…”

  22. lilkillervamps says:

    he’s now BC

  23. crazenird says:

    this guy must’v gotten at least 11.5 on the beep test 0.o

  24. CardShark1015 says:

    It’s like there’s no friction!!!! O.O

  25. renejek9 says:


  26. CSILARPUS says:

    Ahora a comenzar con mucha fuerza (Y) Muchachos

    Now it’s time to start a new age 😉  Sigamzo azi

    Sincerly, Ray- Ray * The Crazy Shuffler – ASR – FR

  27. AusStyleRockers says:

    (Y) Empezaremos con fuerza y elegancia tio!!

  28. 434cristian says:

    mierda me ..gusta ..muxo ..k viva ASR

  29. AusStyleRockers says:

    Welcome new crew !!!