Great style Great attitude Great dancer. Track: Swankie DJ & Kashi - Riffin

25 Responses to “Flipper Showcase Melbourne Shuffle.”

  1. Shuffl3T4nkz says:

    Never knew there was a “black” redneck.. Interesting. Learn new things everyday.
    Funny thing how Smiley already ended this discussion but butthurt baddies still bring it up til this day.

    Instead of bothering me go practice shuffling more and learn more about shuffling.

  2. @Shuffl3T4nkz go fuck yourself you silly yank. just like everyone he has an idol, his idol obviously is from NR for all we know your another typical redneck who fucks his cousins.. dont dog on people who are expressing their interests n shit, hes clearly a better shuffler than you ya jealous prick

  3. yoyocool2 says:

    @Shuffl3T4nkz Not at all, just proving that you are a idiot who has no idea what the fuck he is talking about.

  4. Shuffl3T4nkz says:


  5. yoyocool2 says:

    @TysonCantShuffle Nice original name, fuck head.

  6. yoyocool2 says:

    @Shuffl3T4nkz Excuse me? ROFL, You are a fucking idiot mate. You do realise that people pick up some style from the people they shuffle with, and flipper has rocked with some of the newi rockers, Also, alot of us were rocking like this before Newi Rockers became so commercial, I know for a fact I was, so get your facts straight you fucking muppit.

  7. Shuffl3T4nkz says:

    Yeaaaa………. You really shouldn’t be talking my friend.

  8. yoyocool2 says:

    Learn to shuffle before you start making them assumptions mate.

  9. Hey man, nice video, I digg the style very much, it reminds me alot like pae’s style 5/5

  10. SmileyCantDance says:

    @Shuffl3T4nkz not even mate. this was left over footage from the “carparkin” vid.
    plus this guy has bin rockin for 3-4 years now.

  11. Shuffl3T4nkz says:

    more newcastle copycats

  12. TysonCantShuffle says:

    you fucking suck

  13. cambnation says:

    nice one… first vid i have seen, subbed n rated… chur hit us back, just got a new vid up

  14. ThatJesseKid07 says:

    Great shuffle (y) watch my videos 🙂

  15. MrDarwin149 says:

    great !!!

  16. Woow love it!
    great rocking guys

  17. great rock out

    cool edit liked

  18. Nice man keep rocking !!!!!

  19. wicked 😀

  20. SmileyCantDance says:

    @Kiz4ndC4L haha footage was from 2010 tho :P

  21. rawking it phil.
    love your style as usaul.
    dominating 2011.


  22. flipper is such a sick head
    love his style
    - RowenZ

  23. And also, his style. Solid rocker style.
    Btw, facial hair rules 😀

  24. noslien90 says:

    Sweet budge! From your fav F+V man!

  25. DamonShuffleDance says: