hey guys, been a few months, sorry about that. I thought i'd remake most of my old tutorials to update them a bit. In this tutorial we have the running man and the T-Step. i break it down and show you each one step by step. hopefully this helps beginners out. comment and rate. let me know what ya think. FMS// Javi
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the best shuffling compilation on the internet! nice and long so sit back and relax.. DISCLAIMER: Not My Songs/Vids Song list: La di da - Baracuda (groove coverage remix) Gimme da Bass - Kat Miracle - Cascada Young Birds - Patric Bunton Heart of Asia (suae mix) - Masif dj's Speed of light (original mix) - Bas and Ram FlashBack (original mix) - Alpha Zone Children (Steve Hill Vs D10 Encore Mix) - Masif DJ's Harder(Megara VS DJ Lee) - Deep Forces What Hurts The Most (Darren Stylez rmx) - Cascada Paxi Fixi - Deep Forces Bass, Beat and melody reloaded - Brooklyn Bounce Rock Civilization - HeadHunterz D tuned - Headhunterz Its a dream (overload Remix) - Ganjaguru ------------------------------ Rock Civilization - Head Hunterz Blame It On The Music - Headhunterz vs wildstylez No one Can Stop Us - Donkey Rollers Paranoid - Deep Forces D tuned - Headhunterz Ha Ha Ha - Smd Hardstyle God - DJ Lady Dana Children Of Storm (Remix) - Alpha Zone Philippines got talent - Horse woman/man/tranny Paxi Fixi - Deep Forces Thank - you,,, please comment, rate and subscribe CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS TOO!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

46 Responses to “[FMS] Tutorial: Melbourne Shuffle Basics Redux part 1”

  1. TheActedGuitar says:

    When you pivot your foot, how high are you lifting it?

  2. TheActedGuitar says:

    When you pivot your foot, how far high are you lifting it?

  3. TheActedGuitar says:

    When you pivot your foot, how far high are you lifting it?

  4. TheActedGuitar says:

    When you pivot your foot, how far high are you lifting it?

  5. breezyBofficial says:


  6. crazymarf says:

    First song?

  7. i get you hardstyle teacher

  8. best video for ever its good tutorial

  9. Great video. helps a lot

  10. AustinIsElite says:

    Nice vid man.

  11. GodsNotReal95 says:

    k so im doing the running man and looking at the reflection on my tv and it looks retarded lol what am i doing wrong

  12. hereliesdelilah says:

    you move your foot so fast!

  13. xMrMayhemx says:

    best tutorial i’ve ever seen

  14. asmooth305 says:

    whats the name of that song XD im gunna try to electro or attempt electro lol

  15. Nice bro, best tutorial on youtube.

  16. Nice Watch our shuffle videos we get down! 🙂
    we have a couple videos on my channel.

  17. JuicyMachine says:

    How to combinate the running man with the T-Step?

  18. i learn the running man by my self

  19. thelonewolf21693 says:

    @zorboth extremely true, but for me now that I have become better, it depends on the surface, smooth surface = slide etc…

  20. EaganVocals says:


  21. xDaniellellovex says:

    How do you switch from running man to T-step. I always have trouble switching.

  22. hugoperezpahua says:

    HELP!! my running man looks cheap and not good

  23. 00000EPIC00000 says:

    i got the running man perfected in an hr byt the T-step i just fail at cuz my balance is wayyy of any tips besides the one in tha vid?

  24. johanroberts says:

    extremely helpful. I’m far, far from getting it down but this do much to alleviate that. thanks man!

  25. PlayaTmusic says:

    eyy sorry bout the late reply.. its “Dropzone – Darren Stylez”

  26. NikoCA100 says:

    Page up you’re missing the awesome video!

  27. MrPeeKaBooMx says:

    song at 7:50???????? <3

  28. MrDoctorrunescape says:

    Insane bro.

  29. TheTOPProductions says:

    wtf rocky for 2 seconds then changes into someone else :L

  30. @JU1CEx Fuck you (:

  31. Nickodevil117HS says:

    nice….Mikki Andreezy and row The godz of melbshuffle!

  32. NickFallenTV says:

    I can shuffle like this. ;3

  33. good shufflers but the first song is fucking horrible

  34. TheGodovergods says:

    feeling flabby yes :[

  35. boergekaj says:

    The dude at 05:10 is terrible.

  36. deundevided says:

    Amazing!!!! I’m terrible

  37. Lmfao!

  38. viedogamemaster17 says:


  39. 1:25 can i marry this guy pls? *-* hes insane tell me name pls 😀

  40. 1:25 whos that O.O???!!! wanna see his youtube channel 😀 pls send me link

  41. Darklorddd5348 says:

    Moonboy should have been apart of this!

  42. Antonio13495 says:

    GREAT! just that the last dude did more running man than actaully shuffling version. Hope he improves!


  44. theres way better people to watch these guys are boring.. make a MAS compilation and put me in it(; lol

  45. elexisisbeast says:

    @CodShufflers la di da by baracudda

  46. elexisisbeast says:

    la di dah it goes around the world around the la di da i just love that songg