[FMS] Tutorial: Running Man Part 1 [OLD]

Please watch my NEW updated tutorial! www.youtube.com Simple tutorial of the running man. Before you all start ripping me apart: i'm not that great, but I thought i'de help some people learn. feel free to comment.
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Funky Little Shuffle

I think this is a special little song and it was lots of fun shuffling to it! Vocal Chords - Claude VonStroke Have Fun!!
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50 Responses to “[FMS] Tutorial: Running Man Part 1 [OLD]”

  1. sherzzo says:

    good man…and your teaching skills are totally fine 😉

  2. bangmeister says:

    The “aha” moment came to me when a guy on another video said that you’re not sliding, you’re hopping. You do 2 quick little hops but you do it so smoothly that it looks like you’re just sliding

  3. UltraDoggy says:

    Eh that sucks. If you’re really wanting to get good. PRACTICE EVERY WAKING MOMENT OF THE DAY. Litteraly. I shuffle in almost every single class at school. First few weeks, people thought I was retarded. Oh! but months later, when lunch time came around, i owned it.

  4. TheMOHfanatic says:

    lol yah I still care….my shuffling hasn’t improved at all over 3 months

  5. UltraDoggy says:

    If this still matters to you since its 3 months later, im pretty sure the answer is no. they just practice a lot so it’ very fluid but don’t start off with just one slide. Better to start slow and get it down than fast and continue with the mistakes you make. as for the video, very informative. 🙂

  6. TheMOHfanatic says:

    yo when ppl shuffle to a trance song or any song with a fast beat do they one step or just do it fast

  7. mp3nd4 says:

    when i slide it i can do it fast but when i hop with slide its way easier but is this killing the whole point?

  8. shelbyhankins says:

    2 hops! alright? 2! XD >,< I soooo suck

  9. Reefus7 says:

    What you were talking abouy at the end of the video is atcually another style called one step, alot of Cali shufflers do it, but regular 2 hop running man is the way to go

  10. iiREUSEDcondom says:

    oohh i get it ur a good teacher!

  11. 1214wicked says:

    fuck i got hurt doin the running man like the back of my knee starts hurting when i do it now

  12. apratama86 says:

    the stuff you said about right at the end of the video, was what i thought of therunning man before, til I realized otherwise… now it’s just time to erase the muscle memory from the bad habit and relearn this move, thanks man

  13. Tboom123 says:

    do you guys not know about muscle memory? the only way to get it looking fluid it to practice, many, many times. just sit there and kandy shuffle to tracks till it looks fluid. simple. stop complaining.

  14. xTheHiddenx says:

    Heyy this a good tutorial. I see the basic idea on how to do it. Great job teaching !

    P.s. I like your pants, what style fit are they ? Just curious

  15. htirah100 says:

    its true when i was shufflin at class mah fren said:
    “dude ur doin it rong its supposed to pull two time not one times”
    and i was like o rly?
    and then i realize how retarded it was wat shame 🙁

  16. mazais79 says:

    Thanks this video is really good for the most important shuffle moove 🙂
    You really good explain how to do it thanks 🙂
    I will pay my attention to thoes 2 hops what you said 🙂
    (Sry for bad english,im not from english speaking country) 🙂

  17. Linguistically says:

    I love how detailed your tutorials are. They’re certainly good for going deep into specific moves. Perfect for anyone getting stuck on anything in particular.

  18. djmadlad09 says:

    thanks man i have been shuffling for a few months and the running man is my weak point but now i enjoy shuffling more and do the running man better

  19. ilovegumtrees says:


  20. XxAfroCoreBassxX says:

    Yea ive seen ppl do 1 step running man before, it looks good if its done properly like lift up ur legs really high and yea

  21. knockuout6 says:

    nigga lips!

  22. beezeey7 says:

    look at those LIPS. haha

  23. crazykpfan says:


  24. Viser11222 says:

    no one becomes pro in a day.

  25. loverhina says:

    i want to ask what the footwork is to a certain video but cant remember the song name or footwork…but they were in austrailia and 3 guys looking kind of asian black shirt in the middle white shirts on the outsides…it was rave/techno music and i THINK it started with a b..

  26. izzifang10 says:

    Youu qo really qood withh the music ^-^

  27. jbmcgill204 says:

    very nice

  28. xxxpakratxxx says:

    She’s an energetic little thing!!!! I like her style..

  29. wobbaly says:

    Awesome minimal! Dous nitch fargen glaten.

  30. katono750 says:

    You should do it in some funky little panties!

  31. pup9et says:

    i looked at your butt the whole time 🙂

  32. servandogof says:

    Muy bonito, pero que cansado, bailas padre

  33. 41113363844 says:

    Wow !!!
    Loving it, great dancing *bows in front of the master* 🙂

  34. FatRabbitRush says:

    that was so much fun! could i recommend a song to you?

  35. KingTorde says:

    I like your smile while your dancing! 🙂

  36. harleybart says:

    YOU ARE SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

  37. rege958 says:

    Asu q vonita asta

  38. 3rddan1975 says:

    Oh man i like your smile and the way you shuffle.
    Thumbs up!!!!!!

  39. arichiebing says:

    Hey kenny your mom is cheesing again.

  40. pearl82209 says:

    -I love how your steps follow the beat its so awesome 😀 <3

  41. meglioabbondare says:

    Back in the 90s :D really amazing shuffle here!

  42. buddywait says:

    Groovin Baby!!! Naturally Supakool 🙂

  43. montethakidd says:

    what happend to greatest deejay

  44. TheWuggie10 says:

    outstanding! keep em coming!

  45. taimar1000 says:

    Hanikans Style :3

  46. scenario1 says:

    I like your style… hidensity said it right…. Yo have a feeling in your shuffle, its not forced and your own “swag” comes out…lol, good sheeeet!

  47. usmcdisabledvet says:

    Def a funky little beat. One of the better dancers i’ve seen on Utube. Sexy little shuffle!

  48. Tfsideswipe24 says:

    nice shuffle looks like your having a blast also )

  49. PandorasBuechse says:

    absolutely amazing. such a smooth, funky shuffle <3 it!
    greets from germany

  50. zoro0123 says:

    You having fun there, nice ! Thats the way