Tutorial for running man kicks. I go into Forward kicks and side kicks
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22 Responses to “FMS//Javi Tutorial: Running Man Kicks”

  1. nice (: and ur cute

  2. shuffleelffuhs says:

    JAvi ur tutorials are awesome
    u think u can sub to me to check out my progress from your tutorials
    and remeber your vid on spin varition when irs pere momentum does it also depend if your shoe in the bottom can slide

  3. thanx man it really helped me 5/5

  4. Good work Bro!! Favin these!!

  5. xploitslover says:

    MATE LUV UR TUTORIALS, DUDE PLZZZ MAKE MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lol,,im really gd at shuffling but learning more is no problem 🙂 ty mate! 5*!

  6. R4ndomKilll says:

    badass nikes 🙂 i love them

    but nice tutorial man

  7. FMSHardstyle says:

    it was actually same vid cut into parts. The floor was shit because it was covered in snow and water.

    FMS// Javi

  8. Deathbyawesome745 says:

    stop saying your sloppy in every video >.>

  9. danuko0601 says:

    I never got training in this fucking case were you shuffle xD
    Everythink dirty and full water, but nice tutorial 3/5

  10. likemike4eva says:


  11. GREAT!

  12. LeperMessiah05 says:

    basically you are teaching me how to shuffle..rock on!!

  13. handcuffsXD says:

    You rock dude!!! This is the best shuffle vid i have seen so are all your other shuffle tutorials!
    Thanks heaps man

  14. thts gangsta g

  15. jacobabeyeah says:

    is i like normal to be really slow… ive try so hard to speed up my running man and my t step but if i try i just look retarded??

  16. OMG DUDE honestly all ur vids are sick!
    and im actually learning stuff 😀
    and can ya do one on spins and slides and stuff?

  17. hey cheers for making the tutorial!
    helped me out heeeeeeeeps man

  18. Wow, your tutorials rock, i’m getting it now, Thanks!

  19. ahah ur a really good teacher =P
    oii.. i can do it sorta lol.. not good jus a bit.. but it doesnt look good lol.
    anyways im stil practising..
    thanx for this its great help mann.

  20. are you gonna do one on spins next? I really like these tuts, and I’m actually getting it down! keep it up dude

  21. Great as always 5/5 xD

  22. those are some badass shoes, keep it up bro, i’m learnin! 5/5